Very different paths that take the two main rivals in the mobile market, While Apple makes disappear numbers in their names, simplifying the way call their products, Samsung is giving birth Galaxy family members almost weekly.

The new iPad is called simply, iPad, and in the presentation of yesterday few references were made to 5.1 iOS version that premiered or applications that update, so it seems that there is a desire to leave it all very simple in Cupertino.

On the other side of the ropes, multitude of versions around the brand Galaxy, from very affordable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Pocket, until last generation included mouse, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets.

Not if a choice is better or worse than any other, certainly I appreciate the catalogue of Samsung is much broader and varied, and it is necessary that there is a distinction between products, but is it really necessary to appear many?

Fuse people, very on top of these issues, has found new records of Samsung in the United States Patent Office: Samsung Galaxy emerges, Stellar, and Halo, all of them at the beginning of March, and categorized as “Mobile phones;” Smartphones”.

At the end of last month, during the Mobile World Congress, other records are found: Galaxy Axiom, Awaken, Heir and Rite, which desire to have kept some names, but then they don’t end up materializing in real products.

The new Apple strategy gives us to think that the new iPhone ignored five, or any other surname. We would like to know your opinion on the matter, what importance you give to denominations? which way do you think the most suitable?