WhatsApp Is Blocking The Account Users That Do Not Use The Official Application

Almost no one read the terms of service of the applications that we use every day, for convenience and to save time accept them outright in order to use the application as soon as possible, should not do to avoid making a misuse of the service and be expelled.

And this is what is happening to some users of the popular messaging service WhatsApp, you are seeing as their accounts are being suspended. by sending messages through unauthorized applications.

WhatsApp just wants us to use their official application, so if you notice that we are using other IM client may suspend us our WhatsApp account, and the reason is to ensure our security and privacy, since it is dangerous to let our information on unauthorized third-party applications.

Then we will see one of the emails you’re sending WhatsApp users who have blocked your account by not using the official client. In that same e-mail WhatsApp explains that the user account installing the official client and is again in contact from the application itself may resume.


It Appears you did are using to unauthorized client. Unauthorized clients containment source code Which WhatsApp can not guarantee as safe. Your private information is being passed to 3rd parties programs while you are using unauthorized client to.

Please uninstall your client and install on authorized version from:


After installing the authorized version, please contact support again from inside the app. Responses to this email will not be read.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The conditions of use of WhatsApp

Not only by using an unofficial client of WhatsApp we can kick the service. According to WhatsApp support page can suspend us the account by:

The actions below are examples of not allowable activities.

  • The sending of ads or any type of commercial material.
  • Sending spam or unsolicited messages.
  • State content, profile picture, or messages that violate these terms of service, this includes the content unlawful, obscene, threatening, with samples of hate, racist, offensive in ethnic terms, or any other inappropriate material.
  • Harass other users.
  • The repetitive activity that violates the terms of service.
  • Use an automatic system or an unauthorized application to send messages through WhatsApp.

Once read these terms of use we know as we have to use WhatsApp for that not suspend us account.

The following are some examples of activity that cause a WhatsApp account suspension:

  • When you send too many messages to users who do not have saved your phone number in their contact lists. Check that your friends have your current number added to their contact lists.
  • When many users you locked in a short time. You should only communicate with known users and who wish to receive your messages on WhatsApp.
  • When you create too many groups that include users who do not have saved your number in their contact lists. Make sure that your friends have added your number to their contact lists.
  • When you send the same message to many people. Use mailing lists to send the same message to your contacts.
  • When we suspect that you have violated our terms of service.