What is the TOEFL Test?

What is the TOEFL Test

Most of us have heard about the TOEFL test (or Test of English as a Foreign Language according to abbreviationfinder) which is becoming more important day by day, but maybe we don’t know much about it.

The TOEFL test tests your level of English, and helps the University decide if you are ready to attend lectures in English. It is often called your passport for studying abroad, because it is the basic test that you must complete in order to continue with the other application steps.

The TOEFL test has four different sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking & Writing. All these have 30 points each, with a total of 120 points. There is no passing score for the test, but each institution has a number of points that it considers sufficient for admission to that institution. The best universities in the world require up to 110-115 points, while for most other Universities 80 points are enough to know that you have a stable basis of the English language that can be worked with.

If you don’t get the result you want the first time, don’t despair, because you can enter the test more than once, until you get the result you want, and then you can send only the scores you want to the University where you apply you want

Some interesting facts about TOEFL:

• More than 8,500 Universities located in more than 130 different countries of the world consider it to be the most effective test of the English language
• There are 4,500 TOEFL centers in the world in 165 countries
• The TOEFL test is held 30-40 times a year
• Validity of the TOEFL test is 2 years
• It is becoming a very important test for promotion in some local and regional institutions
• According to ETS data, the average score in Kosovo is 81 points, with 18 points in reading, 20 in listening, 22 in speaking, and 21 in writing. Albania has the same average.
• In Europe, Austria has the highest average with 99 points, while Armenia has the lowest with 76 points.
• The average of Smart Center last year is 92.4 points in the TOEFL test
• Until now we hold the record for the highest result in Kosovo of 118 points

Smart Center organizes TOEFL courses with the newest methods and maximum professionalism, which have guaranteed us success so far, and for a short time have ranked us as the leading center for the preparation of this test.

What is the TOEFL Test

  • The TOEFL test (Test of English for foreign learners) is a standardized exam administered by the American institution ETS (Educational Testing System).
  • Possible candidates for this test are: students who want to study abroad (bachelor and master), candidates for various scholarships or certifications, students or ordinary people who want to apply for visas abroad.
  • TOEFL is an exam which is administered by an American educational institution and thus is mainly favored and has more impact in America.
  • The test costs 170 euros in Albania and one of the centers where it can be taken is Lincoln Center. Registration for the test can be done online, by phone or e-mail. Registration is possible 24 hours a day, every day of the week. The last possible registration date is one week before the test.
  • The TOEFL test is corrected based on a points system where each part of the test is worth 30 points and the maximum points collected in total are 120. Each institution or university determines the performance or points that each candidate must achieve or win in the test.
  • The results are available approximately 10 days after the test and are accessible online through an account that the student created during registration. Moreover, they are valid only for two years.
  • The BeeSmart Center is dedicated to helping and supporting students to prepare as well as possible for the TOEFL test and to get the right equipment for a performance that they and our staff will be proud of in the future. We want to be part of your joy while you achieve the necessary result you need to climb to a higher level. Do not hesitate to visit us and contact us for anything.
  • For more, visit the official TOEFL website: ets.org/toefl
  • The test is conducted only online (Internet based Test) and consists of 4 parts which are briefly summarized in the table below.
Section Duration question The exercises
Reading 60-80 min 36-56 questions Reading 3-4 academic texts
Listening 60-90 min 34-51 questions Listening to lectures or conversations
Break/Rest 10 min
Speaking 10 min Conversation with an inspector
Writing 50 min 2 exercises Writing development of two essays