If there is a single model in this series of articles which can get the epithet of “the world’s most hyped watch” is the likely Rolex Daytona. Buying a new has until recently called for an endless Queuing and used is the even more coveted. In this week’s Klockklassiker, we look at why everyone loves the Daytona.

The Foundation of Daytona Cosmograph, after which the model name, chronographs in the Oyster series from the 1950 ‘s. Chronographs later received the classic Valjoux 72-piece, which led to the model ref 6238, often referred to as just Pre-Daytona and George Lazenby, among other things, bar in the film “on her Majesty’s secret service”. 1960 launched ref 6239 with surface-mounted tachymeter scale bezel, which came to be the real start of Cosmographserien. These simple, manual Chronographs with tachymeterskalor either completely in steel or with an acrylic post was specifically directed at the motor sports world where the tachymeter scale could be used to calculate rates. 1965 updated series with new kronografknappar that was twisted so that they both improved water tightness (and avoided to touch the buttons under water), as well as preventing involuntary start and stop. That same year, the model got her racing scented first name after Rolex participation at the famous races at the race track in Daytona. The year before, figured the Rolex actually on naming model to Le Mans, which there are ads from the time shows. Until the end of the seventies were Cosmograph Daytona-both with and without marking before mark finally decided to equip all the bells with name.

Daytona from this time were in a couple of different designs. On the other hand included steel, but also in the more luxurious guldvarianten (14 and 18 carat). In addition, there was also a couple of different tavelkombinationer. Most unusual is probably the single-colored in silver or black, while the two-tone versions, where the Board is either silver or black with contrasting records of the opposite color belongs to the Daytonas common and most characteristic paintings. The King of Daytonavarianter, however, is the “exotic” paintings with contrasting border around the painting, special registers, and sometimes three colors. Something of the collectors have come to be called “Paul Newman”-paintings.

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Advertising from 1965.

Paul Newman was not only, as most people know, a particularly neighbouring fellow and a very good actor. He was also, like his colleague Steve McQueen but somewhat sober, a great racing driver, 1972 when he started to compete “for real” Newman a suitable clock by his wife Joanne Woodward – a Rolex Daytona ref 6263 engraved with “Drive slowly, Joanne” and with dark plate and light table that was carried on the link. Later received or bought (opinions differ…) Newman even a Daytona, this time a reference 6239 with white Tricolored “exotic” Board (i.e., light Board, dark tables and Red details) that the actor was using on a three-part black alligator strap a model among enthusiasts often lovingly referred to as “Newman”. Thanks to the connection to the star, which, among other things, bar the clock on the cover of the Italian magazine Moda, the earlier right cheap but still hard to shift the model has become one of the most popular and most expensive vintage clocks. 60-, 70-and 80-century low sales and production are making access limited and today, a real “Newman” cost upwards of half a million.

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It was not until the late 80 ‘s when the Daytona as well as large parts of the Rolex range got a clear update that sales took off. 1998 Daytona became automatic, more waterproof and was equipped with a Sapphire Crystal and a new taveldesign that was clearly closer to the luxury image, the brand had. The new “five-digit” 1652X series had as its predecessor (with various variations on the Valjoux 72) not huseget works but used the market’s perhaps best machine works; Zenith El Primero, the world’s first integrated automatic chronograph movement, which was modified to fit Rolex (including sunk the characteristically high working frequency in the work of 28800 36000 to). The watch became a smash hit, and thanks to a combination of low production number and very, very high level after the issue became the Daytona in steel a sought after model with long standby time (up to five years) and with prices on the secondary market far above the list price. The “new” Daytona became extremely popular as the success Watch has been seen on many celebrities, societetspersonligheter, steaks, and businessmen – not least the ladies where Elle McPherson probably was first, and where Carolina Gynning and Sofi Fahrman is Swedish examples on carriers who appreciate design and it’s pretty handy size.

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The year 2000 was updated Daytona with a new piece, this time a private Rolex works called 4130 often hailed for its robust and intelligent design. At the same time came the model to be released not only in yellow and white gold, but also its own rosélegering (“White”), and to the Baselworld 2011 was presented a new variant with ceramic glasring.

REF 6238

REF 6239

REF. 6241

REF 6263

REF 16520

REF 16520

REF 16515LN

REF. 16528

Paul Newman

Paul Newman

Elle McPherson