It’s never too early to start to salivate with what’s coming. For example, love to Android users talk about the next sweet from the moment in which each version is presented, as if they already had it installed and were bored of it.

With Apple it could not be less, and step we continue engaging the machinery of hype, that is not the oven buns. This time, not have left it in any bar, but that some “ secret agent ” has the images on the front of the iPhone 5, made public and have even recorded it on video, and compares it with the of the already “ obsolete ” iPhone 4S.

First, if we assume that this video confirms the images, and the design scheme which already leaked, concludes that the project in which supposedly Steve Jobs would have put their latest energy was not going to let stone design. Changes, that Yes, the proportion of the screen, and thus increases the size of it, but not its width to 4 inches.

Otherwise, they would have repositioned front camera, now centered and the iPhone would follow one year having the button that many people asked to remove. Little more can be said (at the end and all, is a piece of Gorilla Glass), but serves to whet your appetite.

Again, revolutionary, fantastic, apotheosis, Orgasmic … in short, which if strong innovations do not come by the side of the software, will be more of the same: staff complaining of what little you have carefully worked, and Tim Cook diving into a sea of $100 bills.