We started the review of the iOS world week we leave already back talking about Cuentomidas, an application for iOS created by a few developers experience that told us as they did, without an analysis of VLC Remote (to control the famous VLC from iOS) and how the iPad and iPhone 4S reach the top enterprise activations in the United States. PlaySay, also liked to improve our pronunciation in languages by connecting with other users.

The novelty in the field of applications this week is the arrival of the long-awaited version for iPad from Spotify (personally I love to how implemented it in the tablet). We analyze thoroughly the FiiO E9i, a headphone amplifier from desktop with dock for iPod/iPhone, and the absolutely brilliant iCade to turn your iPad into an arcade of the whole life. We were also surprised by Daniel Hooper idea on how to improve the management of text on the iPad.

The important news of this week is the growth of the market share of the iPad up to 68% at the global level, while the rest of the tablet falls above forecasts, and the slight change in the architecture of the A5 chip that Apple is incorporating into the latest iPad 2 manufactured. Also got the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1, and we advise you how never to forget where the car thanks to iOS aparcasteis. To finish the week, a good “to fund” about Spellsword, a great game mix of action and RPG. We read within seven days, enjoy the week!