The week past Apple announced the new iPad and with it the possibility of reserving the device to be one of the first to have it on March 16 or 23, in the case of Spain. Well, it seems that as it happened in his day with the iPhone 4S the reception of the public will be overwhelming.

The Cupertino company has announced that the new iPad reserves are depleted, exceeding the expectations which had planned. I.e., those who have not signed will have to wait. At the moment in United States date of shipment has been delayed to March 19, i.e., three days after the original release.

Delays, such as picks up USA Today, affects all models and all price ranges that are available in reserve. In the case of Spain at the moment, we do not know if there will be problems for those who can not book Tablet since Apple has not yet begun with them in our country.

Meanwhile, write down the date of the March 23. We will watch to see how to pass things in Spain and if finally who do not book it can buy it the same day. For the time being you will have to wait, but taking into account the difference in size between the Spanish and the American market there should be no problem.