With one foot placed at Christmas, say what one, if they have already on lights … I rectify, tucked into Christmas slaughter, come from Parties, social events, dinners, family reunions, etc. In short, any reason is good to celebrate these days.

And of course, with so much event, there is that be dressed to the height. Magazines know it, for this reason, the latest covers International men’s fashion magazines are loaded with looks of gala and celebration, party outfits presented by leading men to rise to the occasion. And it is the press specializing in us, is arranged as instructed because the happy holidays.

Is Magazine (United Kingdom)

Andres Velencoso Segura, one of our most international models, is living one of the sweetest moments of his career. And that, to her recent debut as actor – last Friday premiered his film debut with the film ‘ end ’ directed by Jorge Torregrosa. –, be added to the multiple and constant work in the fashion world (recently has starred in campaigns for Chanel or Louis Vuitton, among others). Andrew has made it clear, until they drop and keep claiming it, not leave the runways or the shottings, While it does, because it certainly is the very best that has given birth to our patriotic modeling.

One of the last works of the catalan top is this session for ES magazine – the English newspaper fashion magazine The London Evening Standard –. In it the model looks several sets marked festive air, but with a very thug point, let’s not carrying the typical look of black tie. Costume that looks on the cover, for example, is from Gucci and the mode de sash neckerchief Drake ’ s London. A session photographer Rick Guest signing, and you can see entire here.

Mens Book (USA)

The magazine of luxury for modern men, Mens Book based in Atlanta, presents us with a look that never fails arrival time of festivals. And is that, now with this Christmas, with a dinner jacket in Midnight Blue and a white shirt, who is not favoured. Be inspired by this cover of David Needleman with the model Janice Fronimakis as absolute protagonist. It is undeniable that he has PT Heartthrob, do not you think?

SID (United Kingdom)

Just put on sale the third issue of the biannual magazine based in London SID. A modern, contemporary magazine for stylish men who aren’t afraid to dare. For this number, marked festive air, they propose several covers.

For a port, the iconic and distinctive English top David Gandy. Elegant as few with a simple American gray wool and a Turtleneck Sweater, combination star where there are this season. And on the other hand, we have the model James Hampson, who curiously – well, do not think that it was just a coincidence, that these things tend to be very studied – also wears a sweater neck Swan and, where appropriate, an American cross the more stately. The look in scale blue, I don’t know you, but to me I won.

The Greatest

Just go to the second issue of the biannual men’s magazine The Greatest market. A magazine that with only two published number it already suggests ways and very good. For this autumn-winter number opt for a look of a more elegant cover not being able. And is that a cross dress dignifies much, If over pinstriped, you do not want to not count. The young model Jakob Wiechmann stood in front of the camera of the talented Cristina Capucci, and now you’re seeing the result.

Prestage (Netherlands)

And since we are with pinstriped, can’t help but point and part to this first part of the ‘ party kiosk ’, not to comment on the cover of the Dutch publication Prestage. This issue revolves around the magic and the whim of fashion, as a theme chosen for the autumn/winter edition. The model Bastiaan Van Gaalen It shows a suit be pinstriped or not, if you wear class with a good knit sweater and, whenever you have style to wear it, you can dispense with the shirt. Here is a clear example.