The Humble Bundle Launches The Collection of Games of Android More Ambitious

As a general rule the Humble Mobile Bundle It tends to appear Wednesday, but in this edition have changed many things and is less worrisome. We are one of the most ambitious bundles of Android, but it is not only by the quality of the games, but different to the rest of offers additional rules by.

We will have the option of paying what we want, with offers if we exceeded the average of payments and if we pay more than one number fixed, being able to choose where the money goes. But added a new function, which will depend on the number of pack sold.

It won’t be a week when get more games, but it will depend on the number of packs sold, arriving at the maximum amount of games to sell 400,000 units . That Yes, will continue with the mechanics to more games and that at the time of purchase have paid more than the average

Space Chicks

It seems a plataformero of life, but it has trick. This time we will control girls in space and will play with the gravity of planets, giving a layer of depth to the endless runners we know.

2-bit Cowboy

A tribute to the Classic Game Boy games. A platformer classic 2D with retro graphics in which we will control a Sheriff will not be that obliged to impose the law in the village

Neon Shadow

We return to the classical assumption of a space station that has lost succumbed to space threats. Inspired by the classic games FPS which is worth to any fan of the genre.

Ravensword: Shadowlands

It’s an RPG game for Android with huge 3D scenes and a multitude of objects and weapons with which you can interact. Some users have described it as the Skyrim / WoW for smartphones and as you may have seen in the video, why not missing.

TOPIA World Builder

The name leaves no room for doubts, we must create our planet to our will. Putting different animals, plants and terrain changes will see how is formed the life on our little plot of a virtual universe.

Shadow Blade

We went to a game of rampant action where lose concentration can make us lose the game. We will have to control a Ninja in search of the last living master and which is the only hope for him.

Mines of Mars

Every game we make will be different in this RPG. Whenever we go into this Dungeon stage cambará completely, giving us an infinite number of possible items and avoiding us boring.

Blocky Roads

Strange mixture between racing game and farms Simulator. We have to win races to get going to rebuild our farm, previously ravaged by a catastrophic tornado.

The Deer God

One of the experimental games of the bundle. An adventure in 2D where the important thing will be the experiences related to the reincarnation of the spirit of a deer. That Yes, is in development and expected notable failures.

Exiles: Far Colony

We ended with the ambition to give a full console game on a mobile. A space aventuira, which like the previous game, is under development and is more likely to not find an error until it will update the game.