The Cropped Replaces The BRA Bikini On The Beach

Top ensures visual fashionista on the sands and the programmes that come after

Carmen Lucia

River-the cropped top, who had conquered the streets, now breaks into new territory: the beaches. This summer, the model is bet the designers to replace the Bikini bra and create a modern and sporty on the sands.

“Take the top cropped to the beach produces a sophisticated effect. It’s perfect for a pool party ‘, for example, “opines Thays Oliveira, Boyd’s style team. “This is a trend that has everything to do with the sensuality of the brazilian woman. This is an option more fashionista. Works well on the beach and in the Center. If the person knows to combine with different bass parts, have leaves ready for any occasion, “adds Esther Feldman, Director of Afghan style.

Who’s loving using it is to model and former volleyball Bettina Schmidt. The Gaucho, carioca, posed for notebook D Woman showing how join the fad, which appeared on the catwalk in swimwear brands, such as Salinas. “I love sunshine. I love this relationship that the carioca has the beach. But, as I’m too big, I prefer larger bikinis. I’m a lot more comfortable, “she explains.

Dating the former football player and commentator of the Stv Roger Flores, Betina is dedicated to the profession. “In my last year at Unilever, played with Virna. One day, she turned and asked me: ‘ You never thought about being a model? ‘ I decided to make some pictures, and soon began to appear in the work area. Then I went to Miami, where I did a campaign, and I ended up staying there, “recalls the blonde, of 1.80 meter.

Restless, she’s not afraid to change my area again: Betina dream now present a TV show. “I wanted to use what I learned in the years I spent on the Court, playing volleyball, on presentation of a sports show. I hope I have that opportunity next year, “he says. We are in the crowd.