It is possible that, despite being fortunate owners of an iPhone or any of the multiple models of existing Android smartphone on the market, you’ve felt the curious to try and fiddling with pleasure devices equipped with Windows Phone and see what’s new in the alternative proposed by Microsoft. Redmond’s have been put hands to work to quench our thirst for knowledge by providing us with the task being Windows Phone 7.5 handle to our terminals.

For what that if Mahoma is not going to the mountain, the mountain will Mohammed, at Microsoft have developed a interactive system by way of web page based on HTML5 which offers a full tour of the operating system. Of course, it’s a show in which we will be guided step by step by different features of the platform, even to perform some other simple task such as check email or send a text message.

Small tours which give us an idea of the interface of the system, as well as the mechanical operation of the. However, a complete navigation, not limited by each and every one of its functions in order to meet some of the operating system, not allowing to only show us what the manufacturer wants to teach would be desirable. However, away from cumbersome emulators, it is of a good initiative to enhance the knowledge of the platform Although, as always, the vile metal is the spark that starts all this machinery.