#TaNaModa: Paisley Shirt. See Tips!

The shirts were winning colors and losing his sobriety. Started with the classic chess, was winning colors bolder and, now, the printed shirts men are dominating the cabinets of many men.

The floral, animal print shirts or printed with PoA are among the Favorites of this new trend.

Floral shirt

The male floral shirt was the most successful among men in 2014. Before, they were embarrassed to wear colorful clothes now, they abuse in visual and in prints.

The good of this style of shirt to all kinds of men. Since discreet men, with the liberty-print shirts with drawings of flowers very small, even flowery shirts, which are much more showy.

Plaid Shirt

These don’t need to be remembered. The men’s Plaid Shirt has become a basic part of the male closet a few years ago. It is almost impossible to find a man who doesn’t have a Plaid Shirt in your closet.

But, it is always good to remember the various models of chess shirts we can find around.

Casual Shirt

Another template that is having success are the casual shirts printed with POA. This pattern is made with marbles. As the floral shirts, exist for all tastes with prints of various sizes.

Ethnic print shirt

This is one of those fads that circulated the feminine universe, but hardly the fashion. Men’s shirt with ethnic print promises to be success next summer for being a bold version of the shirts you’ve made success this year.

Other models of shirts men’s stamped:

Although some models of masculine prints follow a pattern, there are several printed shirts that appeal to men with different tastes. Check out some examples to inspire even more: