One of the most popular sleeping bags is the Micro Feather, of trails and Paths. Is relatively light, with approximately 1, 2 kg, measuring 1.90 m long and promising to support the following temperatures:

-Comfort: 6° C;
-Tolerance: 3° C;
-Extreme: 0° C.

There are lighter models, however, to support some lower temperatures, especially in winter in the South of the country, you may need to choose a type of sleeping bag a little heavier to have greater comfort. You can also increase the thermal comfort of this model using a device called liner (used inside the sleeping bag to create an extra layer or to prevent dirt).

Understand what are comfort temperatures, tolerance and, when we talk about sleeping bags:

Comfort: no need for heavy clothing to this temperature.

Tolerance: to this temperature, you will need to be wrapped up in the same way as would be in the external environment.

Extreme: you will need to be pretty well wrapped up, it is likely that you do not have a good night, it still is a tolerable temperature.

Browse have a sleeping bag a little further than the minimum temperature that you intend to confront. If it gets too hot, open the zipper. Never sleep with sweaty clothes. Always have pieces of clothing clean and dry to sleep.