Simyo evolves as it has happened to other operators that have been adapted to the market while now, they will have to swallow some of his own words as: “ operator 100% online ” or “ don’t want customers prisoners & #8221;.

But I think it is a good initiative. Simyo maintains its principles without permanence and minimum consumption for users who prefer it but now also opens to new profiles that demand Mobile subsidized regardless of the signature of a stay.

The main innovations of Simyo is that not only will sell online if that will not count with the Telecor shops (of the Group El Corte Inglés) to distribute its services and Additionally, as introductory offer will sell the Nokia 5230: 0 euros at the rate of 5 with minimum consumption of 24.99 euros/month for 18 months of permanence.

Now that Simyo has made the leap to the stores?What will happen with Blau? Barely there are already differences between twin brothers descended from KPN. It would have been better to let to Blau independent physical stores with the 5230 offer more permanence and keep 100% online to Simyo or would be more logical that both brands join forces into one?