This recommendation is for women and, in particular, those who have difficulty finding good bras/bikinis around. I always had difficulty buying a bra in Brazil and I thought when I got here, I’d find wonderful choices in any store. Ledo mistake. But after digging a little on the internet, I discovered Linda’s shop, which specializes in bras of all sizes. Yay!

I’ve been buying bras at Linda since I got here and I never regretted it. I don’t have much notion of how much a good bra costs in Brazil, but I pay between $70-$ 100 and I find an average price. Of course the duration of a bra depends on how much you use, how you take care of it (guard, lava and dry) and how much you varied weight/physical form. Normally I Rotaciono 2 bras of day-to-day, 1 bra without strap, and 4 sports bras. They last long (I wash in hand), about 1 1/2 year. But since I’ve been shopping for a long time and never buy several at once, I need to buy something new more or less every six months. Who has no difficulty in purchasing bra is thinking that this my post is nonsense, but the busty girls who walk around and never have a nice bra without strap: run on Linda!

Actually, you don’t have to be busty. The great deal of bras from here (I think Brazil is starting with this too) is that it has a size for the width/circumference of the bra and a size for the bulge. So if you have the wider backs and the relatively small breasts in Brazil, you would have to buy a bigger bra (for the back) and get the bulge my little snuggles. Or buy the right bulge and extenders to the back. Here, you buy the right size for the two sizes, since you can find Bras size 28 (28 inches, approx. 71cm circumference) to 56 (142cm), with AA bulges to N. Works like this: bra (without filling) you measure the width of the back, well in the line of the bottom of the bra . This size is its width (example: 76cm = 30in = 30). Then you measure in the height of the breasts (example: 89cm = 35in). The difference between the breasts and the width (in this case, 35 – 30 = 5 inches) equals the size of your bulge. Difference < 1 inch = AA, 1 = A, 2 = B, etc. 5 = e. In this case, its size would be 30E (but can also prove the size 28F (back 1 size smaller and bulge 1 size larger) or 32D (back 1 larger size and bulge 1 size smaller). These 3 sizes have the same size of bulge. If that makes sense… Returning to the store…

The store is on 3rd Avenue, between Streets 36 and 37. The location is not particularly central, but it is worthwhile to divert a day from your walks and pass there. I recommend doing this in the first days of the trip. Moreover, Linda also has a super-complete online store that sends to Brazil. It’s not the cheapest thing in the world to buy via the net, on account of the tax, but… there is the possibility.

The thing is, Linda isn’t a normal store. You can’t just show up there and want to be answered. You can, but it might take hours to get to you. There works by appointment, because they do a fitting, i.e. a careful exam to know what their bra size, their tastes and etc. Try marking the fitting with about 1 to 2 weeks in advance. But, if you forgot to do that before you get here, try calling the store and marking 1 hour on the same day or the next day. Look at their website how to do it. For those who go for the first time, the proof takes about 30min. Oh, the fitting is free and you’re not obligated to buy anything. But it’s impossible to get out of there without a bag

In this video here, she explains how the fitting process is.

Go for me, if you’re busty and/or have difficulty finding bras in Brazil, it’s worth it!