The warm thing with the measure currently being injunction blocking the sale of tablets and phones Samsung in the United States, as a result of a couple of important battles won by Apple in the courts.

Today we read in Korean media that Google could go to helping Samsung to assemble a plan against the interests of Apple. Samsung and Google join forces in legal matters, with a patent agreement on the table.

The case of the tablet harm Google in its intention to dominate that market, but the Galaxy Nexus makes it more directly, Since it is a product designed for them. We remind you that Apple has paid the required bonds to make the blockade effective, so who are the other side of the ring will soon much move publicly.

The plan is fully a secret, Samsung reports that it is too early to say anything, but they are convinced that going to Apple profits thanks to the technology used, and is owned Samsung.

Samsung is currently waiting for a response by the American jury to see if your appeal is taken into account to freeze measures precautionary, or if the blockade continues below.

It is not the first time that we see Google position itself on the side of one of its partners, it did it with HTC, also with Apple patent problems. On that occasion Google “sold” to the Taiwanese intellectual property so that they could defend better.