Update 2

It is possible that instead of Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung prepare an important update on Gingerbread, with new features that bring the experience closer to Ice Cream Sandwich.


There appears to be a step back from Samsung, the demand of customers It has come to the ears of the Korean company, and they are going to study the update to Ice Cream Sandwich

Seems to be that Samsung It is clear that Ice Cream Sandwich won’t formally to Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, at least on their own, since the network we can find lots of developers cooking ROMs.

On its official blog, has decided to hang a justification of why won’t update, after complaints that have reached them the list of upgradeable phones, and check that they are not among them. Users of both gadgets have millions around the world.

The reason is based on both the Smartphone and the tablet to run specific elements of Samsung, as the TouchWiz interface, applications, video, widgets, or customizations of the operators that make complicated Ice Cream Sandwich to go fluid next to them.

It is curious as in official statement in the report that are aware that Nexus S is very similar to these two devices, but seems to be that the fault is in the RAM and ROM the equipment, which is not enough.

Is not that it is especially clear with the translation of the Korean I can do thanks to Google, so if all look you at the subject, maybe reach better conclusions.