Precisely Qualcomm It is one of the companies involved in the technological race of mobile devices, to which we relate with nuclei, graphical processing units, and the latest in connectivity, so that statements such as those made on the operating system of Microsoft, are to take into account.

Qualcomm believes that Windows Phone devices do not need more computing power than with currently. We remind you that all use very similar chipsets, regardless of manufacturer, marked by that hardware specifications Microsoft controls.

All are Interestingly made by Qualcomm, they are equipped with a single-core processors, which vary in their frequency of between 1.4 and 1 GHz clock. According to the new designations of Qualcomm, we speak of the Snapdragon S2.

It’s no secret that the system go flowed into a team that Android was used last year in their most important terminals, since the optimization is a key factor: Designing an operating system with a view to a single hardware, with small variations.

We don’t have as clearly be a stance to continue much longer, since the games and applications become increasingly demanding, and competition, Apple and Google, have clearly focused on the dual-core systems. In fact, the own Microsoft reported that they worked on it.

We also appreciate that with this policy, this same hardware, seamlessly receive Apollo update scheduled for mid-2012.