Although it seems weird this variation of Nokia X 3 account with a touch screen of 2.4 inches and it has been filtered in today to the surprise of many, since we did not expect it.

Unlike the rest of the family X, the Nokia X 3-02 It seems a terminal aimed at a wider by its discreet design audience, although it will retain the multimedia possibilities of the series. Curious is that is most similar to the Nokia X 2 than to the original X 3.

No doubt a strange combination of the touchscreen and alphanumeric keypad under the same in vertical format, perhaps the fact that the terminal is originally aimed at the Chinese market have something to do, since in the specification sheet is referred to the recognition of writing, do resistive screen?.

Screen has a QVGA resolution, and under the same keys seem broad and flat. The phone has a camera of 5 megapixel camera and fixed focus that we’ve already seen in other Nokia handsets with decent results.

Other highlights are its thickness of only 9.6 mm and WiFi connectivity, or the microSD card slot. Frankly my appears me to be a terminal quite interesting to launch in more markets.