When it is less surprising, funny and different, the new campaign for the autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 great acquaintances Swedish Department store NK. And it is, I don’t know you, but I certainly have me waking smile these curious images peculiar photographer signing Peter Gehrke, with a brilliant art direction by Johan Wilde, and style of Robert Rydberg.

The French model Jeremy Dufour, He is the protagonist of these amazing photographs that play with the imagination, the gigantism and children’s items for descontexualiar about looks that, by the way, no forget them, despite that chisposo touch that has wanted to play in this daring staged.

And it is, presented ensembles, although they do have a point a little thug never cease to propose interesting ideas. For example I’ll take the second picture that combines a in charcoal grey pinstriped suit, with one pictures in shades of Turquoise shirt. Or the penultimate image of air very preepy, in which a Nice Cardigan with stripes colors, is joint with a bow tie in Lilac, impeccable pants, wool clothing and an imposing coat double breasted in intense blue classic.

Sincerely, of how great that I’ve seen in a long time, and is that not be you, but apart from impressive campaigns as the latest Prada, or Vivienne Westwood, which appeared very designer and her husband, I’m throwing in lack some imagination and humor in the campaigns of recent years. So, at least Server, It appreciates the humorous point of this advertising action the Swedish warehouse.