NGO Overview


A non-governmental organization (short for NGO according to abbreviationfinder) is any third-sector entity, that is, a civil and private association, whose function is to carry out non-profit work.

The area of ​​activity of NGOs is very diverse: health, social, religion, women’s support groups, pharmacological treatments, environmental protection groups, support for covert terrorist groups, etc.

Features of its emergence

Many of them have arisen for the offer of the State in some services. Projects developed by NGOs are financed by their own organizations through member donations, and some receive support from public and private institutions.

The strengthening of the third sector demonstrates an increase in the company’s commitment to citizenship, the formation of a human being aware of their responsibilities as citizens of the world, promoting their works of public interest.

NGO work

Various NGOs carry out serious work and receive funds from government agencies, promoting the use of resources and contributing to the efficiency of spending funds. However, many non-governmental organizations neutralize the real value of these institutions, being created to obtain benefits and not to cover the projects carried out.

The non-governmental organizations that stand out by number are those dedicated to environmental projects. Since the 1970s, NGOs have flourished in environmental debates and legislation.

There are environmental NGOs that work in different parts of the world, among which we can highlight:

  • Greenpeace. Founded in Canada in 1971, it began its activities in protest against nuclear power. The impact was positive, and eight years after its creation, it became an international NGO. It is one of the most important non-governmental organizations in the world, its work is on a global scale. Greenpeace has offices in 29 countries and is financed by donations from members and the sale of materials.
  • WWF– Founded in 1961, the WWF (an acronym for World Wide Fund for Nature) has the main focus of activity, halting environmental degradation and promoting the use of renewable natural resources. Headquartered in Switzerland, WWF works in more than 100 countries.
  • CAWT(International Wildlife Coalition). Based in the United States, he develops an important project around the right whale. Its objective is to guarantee the reproduction of the species on the coast of Santa Catarina.
  • Ecologists in Action

There are NGOs dedicated to international cooperation:

  • Action Against Hunger
  • schedule 21
  • Children’s Villages
  • International Amnesty
  • Atlas Economic Research Foundation, in Washington (CIA)
  • Help in Action
  • food Bank
  • BRAC
  • Caritas
  • International Red Cross
  • Red Cross
  • Cuban Democratic Directorate, in Miami, of the CIA)
  • Education Without Borders
  • Pharmacists Without Borders
  • Freedom House(CIA) [2]
  • CIDEAL Foundation
  • Prodean Foundation
  • Vicente Ferrer Foundation
  • PADF(Pan American Foundation for Development, of the CIA)
  • Global Humanitarian
  • Internet
  • Intermón-Oxfam
  • Konrad AdenauerStiftung (CIA)
  • united hands
  • Doctors without borders
  • Medicus Mundi
  • peace movement
  • NED(CIA ‘s National Endowment for Democracy)
  • OSAH
  • Clowns Without Borders
  • Reporters Without Borders(CIA)
  • Save the Children
  • Mumbai Smiles
  • Timbro Institute, Sweden (CIA)
  • USAID(United Stated Agency for International Development, of the CIA)

Some NGOs in Cuba

  • Cuban Council of Churches
  • National Union of Historians of Cuba
  • ANAP
  • UNAC
  • ACPA
  • ANCI

NGOs infiltrated by the CIA

The United States Government finances various NGOs in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, Eurasia and Africa in order to weaken or “twist the arm” of sovereign governments and promote its own political and economic interests.

Under the strategy of “soft blows” or “color revolutions”, theorized by US strategists Gene Sharp and Joseph Nye, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) created USAID (United States Agency for International Development), the NED (National Foundation for Democracy) and the IRI (International Republican Institute), for the realization of their geopolitical plans and the promotion of their interests in the world.

The interests defended by these NGOs are not the policies applied by progressive governments: they undermine the sovereignty of countries that do not line up in favor of the interests of the United States. Their interests are completely removed from the needs of the people, under a supposed “humanitarian aid.”

The dangerous NGO Cadal operates in Argentina, which receives the largest percentage of its money from the CIA branches corresponding to Latin America:

  • Atlas Economic Research Foundation (based in Washington),
  • the Timbro Institute (Sweden),
  • the Argentine branch of the Konrad AdenauerStiftung,
  • PADF (Pan American Development Foundation),
  • USAID (United State Agency for International Development),
  • the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) and
  • the Cuban Democratic Directorate (based in Miami).

The Center for Opening and Development -headed by its regional representative Gabriel Salvia, and which closely coordinates its actions with the offices of USAID, PADF and the CIA-, is an expression of US imperialist maneuvers, symbolizing the annexationist objectives of the Latin American extreme right, and promoting actions to the opposition groups of the countries codified as “enemies of the United States”.

In 2008, the NED website recognized an investment for the promotion of subversion in Cuba of US$1,435,329, which was distributed among the organizations created for such purposes. Among these were CADAL, which received its money through the NGO Center For International Private Enterprise.

In 2009, CADAL was among the first organizations to benefit from the 59 million dollars earmarked by the CIA to promote the so-called “Commission to Assist a Free Cuba”, led by former President George W. Bush. The NED is an organization created by the US CIA to develop actions in which the CIA cannot appear openly, including financing the satellite organizations with which it works.

In 2011, of the 20 million dollars that the US State Department approved in 2011 for the financing of subversion against Cuba, USAID allocated 9 million to an association that receives the euphemistic name of the “Democratic Commitment Program at the community level”. It is aimed at work within Cuban society, for the purpose of destabilization. This program is not limited only to Cuba, it includes Venezuela and other members of ALBA.

Although the text of the program does not recognize it, sources close to CADAL consider that it will not only be directed against Cuba and Alba, but will also be in charge of monitoring the performance of countries that, due to the characteristics of their presidents, could eventually confront the United States. States, as is the case of the Argentine and Brazilian governments.

The NGO Freedom House reflects on its website, a monetary supply to CADAL in the amount of 1,699,394 dollars for the organization’s programs in the Southern Cone of South America, money that was invested in the so-called “2011 Award for Democratic Opening and freedom of expression in Cuba”, through which it intends to support, and supplies, the desired internal counterrevolution on that island. Emphasizing that it is an action that he wishes to implement towards Venezuela as well.

The CIA uses the non-governmental organization Human Rights Foundation to influence the politics of some Latin American countries. This was revealed by the Canadian-born researcher Jean-Guy Allard, in an article published in the Cuban newspaper Granma. US intelligence is preparing campaigns against Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela, hiding behind that institution. Allard points out that the organization is linked to the attempted assassination of Bolivian President Evo Morales in 2009.

The strategy of using facades is an old strategy of the intelligence agencies of the United States. In addition, NGOs leak funds to benefit organizations that then promote anti-democratic policies in the countries where they are operating.

The United States maintains a very active agenda to try to undermine the governments of Latin America, particularly those that belong to the ALBA organization (the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America).

Eva Golinger 

The abbreviation of the controversial organization Human Rights Foundation is very similar to that of the world’s most famous “human rights defense” organization, Human Rights Watch, which has been shown to be infiltrated by the CIA and the US State Department.