Nebraska (NE)


Nebraska, admitted to the union as the 37th state on March 1, 1867, two years after the end of the American Civil War, contains some of the best farms and farmlands in the country.

Prior to statehood, the Nebraska Territory was sparsely populated, but grew during the California Gold Rush in 1848, with a larger wave of settlers arriving in the 1860s.

Although Nebraska’s territorial capital was Omaha, the seat of government was moved to Lancaster, which was later renamed Lincoln after President Abraham Lincoln, who had recently been assassinated.

Nebraska is bordered by South Dakota to the north, Kansas and Colorado to the south, Wyoming to the west, and Iowa and Missouri to the east.


Nebraska is located in the midwestern portion of the United States, bordered by South Dakota to the north, Iowa to the east, Missouri to the southeast, Kansas to the south, and Colorado and Wyoming to the west. It is a land-locked state with no coastline along an ocean or sea. Nebraska is known as “The Cornhusker State” due to its extensive corn production.

Nebraska’s landscape is made up of flat plains in the eastern two-thirds of the state, rolling hills in western areas, and sandhills in central Nebraska. The highest point in Nebraska is Panorama Point at 5,424 feet above sea level. The lowest point is Lewis and Clark Lake at 812 feet above sea level.

The Platte River runs through much of Nebraska from north to south before joining with other rivers near Omaha. The Niobrara River flows through northern Nebraska and empties into Missouri River near Sioux City. Other major rivers include Republican River, North Platte River, South Platte River and Elkhorn River which all empty into either Missouri or Platte Rivers eventually reaching Gulf of Mexico via Mississippi river delta.

The climate of Nebraska varies greatly depending on location within the state due to its vast size; however it generally has a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers across most of the state. Average annual precipitation ranges from around 20 inches in western areas to around 30 inches in eastern parts of Nebraska.

Nebraska has a variety of ecosystems including grasslands that are home to many species such as pronghorn antelope and greater prairie chicken; wetlands full of wildlife such as beavers, mink and muskrats; forests that provide habitat for white-tailed deer; shrublands that support birds like bobolinks; dryland pastures for cattle grazing; riparian zones that are essential for numerous species like bald eagles; sandhills which provide refuge for grassland birds like burrowing owls; alpine tundra at higher elevations found along Rocky Mountains; unique badlands formed by erosion which offer refuge for black-footed ferrets amongst other species; and riparian woodlands located along riverside corridors providing habitats for various mammals such as coyotes.

Overall, Nebraska has a diverse geography consisting of flat plains in east transitioning into rolling hills towards west with Sandhills dominating central area while being surrounded by Rocky Mountains on one side and Missouri river basin on another side providing habitats for many species while supporting agriculture activities especially corn production making it “The Cornhusker State“.

Cities in Nebraska

Below are the top 15 cities by population in Nebraska. For all cities and towns in the state, please see Nebraska cities list.

Omaha is Nebraska’s largest city and the anchor of its metropolitan area. It is located in Douglas County along the Missouri River and is home to nearly 600,000 people. The city is known for its vibrant downtown area, which includes the Old Market District, a historic district full of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. Omaha also hosts the annual College World Series, which brings in fans from all over the country. Omaha has a diverse economy with a strong presence in finance, insurance, manufacturing, information technology, transportation, education and healthcare.

Lincoln is Nebraska’s second largest city and state capital. It is located in Lancaster County and has a population of nearly 300,000 people. Lincoln boasts many cultural attractions including museums like the International Quilt Museum and Sheldon Museum of Art as well as live music venues like Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln also calls Lincoln home and provides educational opportunities to students from around the world. The city has a strong economy driven by government services, manufacturing and agriculture.

Bellevue is the third largest city in Nebraska with over 50,000 residents located in Sarpy County near Omaha. Bellevue offers some of the best shopping options in Nebraska with plenty of outlet stores to choose from as well as unique boutiques found along its charming Main Street district. Bellevue also hosts several festivals throughout the year such as Arts on Main Street or Summerfest at Haworth Park that bring together local businesses and artisans to celebrate their community spirit. Additionally Bellevue boasts several parks like Fontenelle Forest Nature Center where visitors can explore nature trails or take part in educational programs offered throughout the year

Rank City Population
1 Omaha 488,059
2 Lincoln 289,136
3 Bellevue 62,888
4 Grand Island 52,755
5 Kearney 33,558
6 Fremont 27,245
7 Hastings 25,247
8 Norfolk 24,964
9 Columbus 23,954
10 Papillion 23,875
11 North Platte 23,543
12 La Vista 16,786
13 Scottsbluff 14,511
14 South Sioux City 13,796
15 Beatrice 12,276

Counties in Nebraska

The State of Nebraska consists of 93 counties. They are:

  1. Adams County, Nebraska
  2. Antelope County, Nebraska
  3. Arthur County, Nebraska
  4. Banner County, Nebraska
  5. Blaine County, Nebraska
  6. Boone County, Nebraska
  7. Box Butte County, Nebraska
  8. Boyd County, Nebraska
  9. Brown County, Nebraska
  10. Buffalo County, Nebraska
  11. Burt County, Nebraska
  12. Butler County, Nebraska
  13. Cass County, Nebraska
  14. Cedar County, Nebraska
  15. Chase County, Nebraska
  16. Cherry County, Nebraska
  17. Cheyenne County, Nebraska
  18. Clay County, Nebraska
  19. Colfax County, Nebraska
  20. Cuming County, Nebraska
  21. Custer County, Nebraska
  22. Dakota County, Nebraska
  23. Dawes County, Nebraska
  24. Dawson County, Nebraska
  25. Deuel County, Nebraska
  26. Dixon County, Nebraska
  27. Dodge County, Nebraska
  28. Douglas County, Nebraska
  29. Dundy County, Nebraska
  30. Fillmore County, Nebraska
  31. Franklin County, Nebraska
  32. Frontier County, Nebraska
  33. Furnas County, Nebraska
  34. Gage County, Nebraska
  35. Garden County, Nebraska
  36. Garfield County, Nebraska
  37. Gosper County, Nebraska
  38. Grant County, Nebraska
  39. Greeley County, Nebraska
  40. Hall County, Nebraska
  41. Hamilton County, Nebraska
  42. Harlan County, Nebraska
  43. Hayes County, Nebraska
  44. Hitchcock County, Nebraska
  45. Holt County, Nebraska
  46. Hooker County, Nebraska
  47. Howard County, Nebraska
  48. Jefferson County, Nebraska
  49. Johnson County, Nebraska
  50. Kearney County, Nebraska
  51. Keith County, Nebraska
  52. Keya Paha County, Nebraska
  53. Kimball County, Nebraska
  54. Knox County, Nebraska
  55. Lancaster County, Nebraska
  56. Lincoln County, Nebraska
  57. Logan County, Nebraska
  58. Loup County, Nebraska
  59. Madison County, Nebraska
  60. McPherson County, Nebraska
  61. Merrick County, Nebraska
  62. Morrill County, Nebraska
  63. Nance County, Nebraska
  64. Nemaha County, Nebraska
  65. Nuckolls County, Nebraska
  66. Otoe County, Nebraska
  67. Pawnee County, Nebraska
  68. Perkins County, Nebraska
  69. Phelps County, Nebraska
  70. Pierce County, Nebraska
  71. Platte County, Nebraska
  72. Polk County, Nebraska
  73. Red Willow County, Nebraska
  74. Richardson County, Nebraska
  75. Rock County, Nebraska
  76. Saline County, Nebraska
  77. Sarpy County, Nebraska
  78. Saunders County, Nebraska
  79. Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska
  80. Seward County, Nebraska
  81. Sheridan County, Nebraska
  82. Sherman County, Nebraska
  83. Sioux County, Nebraska
  84. Stanton County, Nebraska
  85. Thayer County, Nebraska
  86. Thomas County, Nebraska
  87. Thurston County, Nebraska
  88. Valley County, Nebraska
  89. Washington County, Nebraska
  90. Wayne County, Nebraska
  91. Webster County, Nebraska
  92. Wheeler County, Nebraska
  93. York County, Nebraska