LG Watch Urbane 4 g works independently

Every passing fair, market smart wins more adherents. In this MWC 2015 , the launches were not numerous, but on time. The proximity of l ançamento of Apple Watch, scheduled for 9 March day , might explain the absence of more news in Barcelona, Spain. In addition to Huawei, which premiered in this segment with the beautiful Huawei Watch, lightweight and with round screen, LG also took the event to show their latest incursion, the LG Watch Urbane 4 g.

In addition to the connectivity, the wearable device draws attention for bringing a new system, called LG Wearable Platform, developed by the company based on the WebOS, the software that runs on their TVs. Outside, he is more serious than the LG Watch Urbane without LTE, which has silvery or golden metal frame and runs Android Wear. While the Urbane bracelet standard is leather, the LTE version is rubber, and gray. Both devices have no ETA on Brazil, but reinforce the will of LG to lead in this increasingly competitive market in terms of products, but not yet in terms of users.

MWC 2015LG Dare with Intelligent Clock 4 G 1

The LG Watch Urbane 4 g has P-touch screen 1.3 inch OLED, 700mAh battery, 400 of 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. In addition, the unit has several sensors, such as cardiac monitor, that turn the device into a complete physical activities and monitor the health of the user as a whole.

The LG Watch Urbano LTE also includes special features for golfers, cyclists and joggers, as well as IP67, dust and damp-proofing certification which allows the watch to be submerged in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes.

LG Wearable Platform is daring welcome

MWC 2015LG Dare with Intelligent Clock 4 G 2

Not surprisingly, the LG Wearable Platform has a number of features inspired by Google’s Android system Wear, found in other Korean and watches without 4 g of Urbane. The voice command is a good example. Usability is also similar: simply slide up, down and sideways to navigate between the systems. The layout might be the main differentiator, in addition to the three physical buttons that have well-defined functions.

The top button accesses the menu called quick adjustment, where the user checks and adjusts the battery usage settings, brightness, volume and connection. In addition to 4 g, the clock has Wi-Fi. The main central button toggles between the face and the list of installed applications. Already the bottom button works as a kind of “back” when pressed quickly, or as a safety button when pressing any longer. In this second case the watch dials automatically to a number pr ´-configured that sends location coordinates of the user in trouble.

LG’s own platform, each application and resource is represented by a circular icon. On the screen, they form a kind of queue that whirls as the user traverses the existing options. You can also sort them on the list if the user so chooses.

MWC 2015LG Dare with Intelligent Clock 4 G 3

A nice feature of the LG Watch Urbane and it works via 4 g network is the radio Communicator. By the clock, the user can communicate with another contact who also has a copy of the wearable device or a smartphone, and with him talking like a radio, and even share your location. As the Gear S, from Samsung , LG Watch Urbane 4 g is designed to work separately from the smartphone, although it can be paired with any Android device. For this reason, the clock brings NFC. In your booth, LG demonstrated a mobile payment solution with which the watch work called CashBee.