Modern, sophisticated, refined, contemporary… are just some of the adjectives that we could apply to the designs of Miguel Antoinne. A designer based in New York that, after having studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and, having worked as a buyer (buyer) and Design Assistant, definitely in 2008 decided to set up their company. His homonymous name firm, was born with the illusion of a young creator with a very particular, perfectionist point of view and very detailed.

Miguel knows that his fashion is not for any man, so it knows to which customer is addressed. A client with a very trained aesthetic sense – that also fashionista – we could say that it would be their target, although the designer himself explained in a way much more funny what kind of man would be his potential customer: “anyone that comes through the door with Victoria Beckham or Jonathan Rhys Meyer”.

Jokes aside, jobs in background and understanding a little philosophy and leitmoitf of the designer, let’s review your last and lookbook with proposals for this autumn/winter 2012 / 2013. A collection that me, personally, reminds me in many allusions to the Slimane.

Modern, sophisticated tailoring and very glam

Although, in view, the style of the creator isn’t exactly classical or traditional, that the basis of its collections are always tailoring garments. And it is that, for Miguel the tailoring of precise cut is, without a doubt, its inevitable starting point. Clothing that revisits and modernizes with materials, finishes and very current effects.

Thus, for example, their reinterpretations of classic and iconic garments understand themselves as the cross blazer double lapel (the double breasted) that, for this year, presents an interesting mix of wild Silk Wool, also includes the typical Frog closures of the trenka. A simple detail that changes the whole concept of the piece.

Also see costumes straight silhouette and cuts adjusted (though not exaggerated to the point of extremum), as presented in tissues with frames and chrome finishes, and combinations of color suggestive of Redial point glam, the black and copper, for example. Costumes which, likewise, are for a very particular man.

Point textured and metallic finishes

Another of the strong points of the collection are precisely the knitwear. Original draught and textured knitted sweaters, sweaters with horizontal wefts in lurex point, or presented in padded fabrics crewneck sweatshirts.

Although actually the highlight are the outerwear. From the long padded trenchs, gone through coats in tweed with geometric patterns, until you reach an original gabardine of inspiration ‘Matrix’ with the flip, cross and made of a woven effect crumpled. Although we can not lose sight of skin parts, as the Crocodile Hunter or bag style bowling game.

All presented in a colour too dark, with black as a color key, and the grayscale as perfect tonal palette that accompanies the move. That Yes, some touches in white or in metallic tones as the silver, gold or copper, dan the punch needed to enliven the collection.

In general terms, I liked the collection, but yes I have to admit that too bright may saturate. The best option would be to combine special pieces such as these, with other many more basic and neutral, thus creating contrasting looks, not too much exaggerated.