Andy Lees, to which we have identified as the visible head of Microsoft mobile business, has been replaced in his position in the division responsible for Windows Phone. Although not inform us clearly of the decision, it seems that you will have a new role.

Thus the people of AllThingsD reported us, and a few moments ago has been confirmed by the own Microsoft in an internal statement of Steve Ballmer, also know that Terry Myerson It will replace it in many of their functions.

Andy has been leading the mobile division in the past three years, building a solid team and establishing an ecosystem around Windows Phone, in addition to important relationships with manufacturers. All this progress now passed into the hands of Terry with new challenges.

Terry Myerson is not new in the House, has been working as Chief Engineer in the division, and will take over many of the responsibilities you read, but apparently it will not inherit the title. Leads in Redmond since 1997, and is known for having led the Microsoft Exchange team.

The new role of Andy Lees could be related to direct and coordinate the relationships and lines of work of Windows 8 and Windows Phone, and is that 2012 is presented as a year of new releases on Windows, and consolidation in the mobile field.

Nokia has also spoken out in this regard, praising and thanking them for the work of Andy at the time of placing the Lumia market.