Update, and Google responds: Microsoft Press with their patents because Windows Phone 7 doesn’t work

It is no surprise to find us with statements of this kind on the part of Microsoft, Since we know the public opinion on the work of Google in Android, and somehow the market gives you the reason, seeing as manufacturers pass through the housing of the American company whenever they sell an Android device.

One of the owners of the intellectual property in Microsoft, Horacio Gutiérrez, they have expressed on the subject in an interview with SFGate. It believes that Google stands on the shoulders of third parties to create Android.

Explains that Microsoft is obliged to act upon the manufacturers who choose Android, to be using its proprietary technology. I do not think that doubts on this subject, left almost 50% of the companies that manufacture Android, they have established an agreement with Microsoft.

Horacio wants that we don’t see as a negative fact that manufacturers pay licensing, but that it is a solution to the problem of patents originated. Precisely on the patents involved in this tax generated by Microsoft, it has never spoken.

In the interview referred to involved a series of technologies, critical to make a Smartphone. For example, the possibility to synchronize content that you have on the phone with servers or your computer.

There are also other more internal features in the operating system, making it more efficient, in which Microsoft has worked for decades, and now they are being used in Android.