A new trend that is giving the guys are metallic shoes. That’s right, metallic shoes. Silver or golden touch that before you put on the look through accessories or even the clothes, now might come with the shoe.

Shoes, oxford, flatform, pumps and so on, the metallic are on all models, which is great, because you have more chances of getting match it with your style.

Combine a metallic shoe isn’t easy. He’s not as versatile as a black shoe, but still, it’s not a big deal, just be aware that the shoe will be the centerpiece of the look and put their creativity into practice. Here at shoefrantics.com, you can check more combination with metallic shoes.

Point of attention

Now that you know the shoe is your attention point look, it becomes easier to think about everything else. Face like an accessory shoe and think the rest of the outfit following this logic: that parts combine with a silver or gold? And of course, take into account the model of the shoe to create a production unit.


If you want to bet on a look safe, choose neutral tones. In addition to highlighting the shoe, there’s no secret in time to match the visual whole. The dark tones pass a more serious, the lighter shades give a softened the look and a mixture of both is ideal if you want something pretty decent-as far as possible, after all, you are with a metallic shoe.

Now, if you like strong colors and don’t give up them, opt for a colorful piece, like a pair of jeans and a blouse in a warmer tone. With this shoe you can’t really weigh in. It is worth remembering that the silvery tones combine better in this case.


Accessories are always welcome. No matter the look, no matter what color and style, there’s always a play or another that combines. In this case, it’s worth opting for more discreet accessories, to give a charm. You don’t have to match the metallic shoe with the color of accessories, even because it can weigh even more the look.

For any occasion

These shoes, although eye-catching, can be used at any time. The models of shoes and sandals can be incorporated into everyday life with ease and with casual attire and comfortable. Already the models, for example, are perfect for a festive look, after all, they’re going to give up on the whole production.

Not everyone likes the shoes metallic, but the thing is, think it’s more an option for the visual. As you’ve seen, it’s just take a few things into consideration to combine it with the rest and the last tip is to always choose pieces with which you feel safe. Then you can’t miss even. Metallic shoes pass personality, you just choose which model best represents you.