Meaning of Welfare


The notion of welfare refers to the set of things that are needed to live well. Money to satisfy material needs, health, time for leisure and healthy affective relationships are some of the issues that make a person’s well-being.

It is a subjectivity concept, which can have very different representations in the mind of each individual, since welfare is closely related to the needs and tastes of people. However, human beings do not always know what things are good for us, and this further complicates the this term.

In general, each person shows a tendency towards a particular type of activity, be it reading, the practice of a sport, scientific research or painting, among many others. This defines your tastes, your vocation, what provides you with a welfare that cannot be compared to that obtained in other fields. But to fully understand the internal process that takes place in these cases, it is necessary to delve into the mind of the individual to find the reasons that drive him to turn to one interest or another.

When the tastes of a person are analyzed, it is discovered that the needs that he tries to satisfy through them are not always evident. For example, actors and actresses of great international fame, whose lives may seem the same at first glance, have very diverse backgrounds, and when asked why they dedicate themselves to acting, the answers range from the search for a better financial situation for your family to the thirst for attention.

If we pay attention to the reasons expressed by each person to pursue their interests, then we can assume that as long as they continue down that path they will achieve welfare. On the contrary, if we pay attention to the great variety of reasons why human beings can crave the same thing, the possibility arises that we do not always see clearly our emotions and needs; our idea of ​​well-being is probably nothing more than a trap that causes us pain and anguish.

Conceiving welfare in an incorrect and imprecise way is as dangerous as it is common to our species, and only through the acceptance of our limits and mistakes can we free ourselves from this peculiar form of imprisonment. The most graphic example is that of people who believe they need to be in a relationship to feel happy and never succeed; Since they do not stop to look for the reason why they cannot be alone, their relationships do not satisfy it for long and they blame each other.

It is worth mentioning that health is understood as the state of complete welfare, both physical and mental, on a personal level and in a social context. Therefore, it is about the formula to obtain the proper functioning of the psychic and somatic activity.

In another sense, it is known as the welfare state to the system social that seeks to eliminate the injustices of the capitalist economy through income redistribution and the provision of state social services for the lower social classes.

The welfare economy is one whose main objective is to bring the essential services and means for a decent life to all sectors of society.

The welfare state and the welfare economy are often banners raised by left-wing parties and moderate socialist movements that adhere to capitalism. The liberal parties, on the other hand, propose the reduction of state services considering that the free market is responsible for spilling wealth on all classes.