Meaning of Invoice Types 2

Invoice Types 2

The cash sale invoice type

In the case of the cash sale invoice type, performance and consideration are always fulfilled immediately . In most cases, the delivery or handover of goods takes place against a cash payment. As a rule, you will not create an invoice here either. Rather, in most cases a simple receipt or receipt is issued. However, you have to make sure that in many cases this receipt does not meet the requirements for an accounting invoice. If you issue a receipt with only minimalist information, it should be a receipt can be added. Large and, above all, well-organized retailers, however, have a receipt, which also meets all the requirements for an invoice. This means that you can and are allowed to use this as a booking voucher.

The invoice type partial invoice

Both an incoming invoice and an outgoing invoice can be a partial invoice. An advance invoice is always created when you agree with your customer or client to fulfill an order that is only fulfilled in several steps . The invoice type advance invoice always comes into play if you are busy with a large or relatively long-term project . Whenever you fulfill a certain and agreed service, you write an advance invoice. If there are several advance payment invoices for a project, you must always mark them. So there must be, for example, 1st partial invoice, 2nd partial invoice, etc.

A final invoice always follows after the partial invoice

When it comes to down-payment invoices, it is important for you to include the project name, the total amount of the service, the current invoice amount for the down-payment invoice and, if this is done, any down-payment invoices that have already been paid on the invoice. Once an order has been completed and all the agreed services have been carried out, you must always prepare a final invoice . This invoice must also be referred to as the final invoice . In this final invoice, you must not forget that you list every advance invoice that has been created.

Invoice type pro forma invoice

There is no requirement for the so-called pro forma invoice. This means that there is no request for payment associated with this type of invoice . Often you create a pro forma invoice as an attachment for a delivery of goods . The sole purpose of this is to show the recipient of the consignment what value it has. In this case, the pro forma invoice also serves as a tax purpose later.

Invoice type cancellation invoice

A very special and special case is the cancellation invoice type. It must always be created by the biller if an error was made in the creation of the normal invoice and this error must now be corrected in the sense of an invoice correction. As an entrepreneur, you always have to send a cancellation invoice after your normal invoice. It is important for you to know that this cancellation invoice must have its own and separate invoice number. In addition, the amount must be the same as the amount on the original invoice. However, it must be listed here as a minus amount for the invoice type cancellation invoice . For example, it would look like this:

  • Invoice amount of incorrect original invoice: 299.95 euros
  • Invoice amount cancellation invoice: – 299.95 euros

The process must always be traceable

If you have to create a cancellation invoice, you always have to make sure that outsiders such as the tax office can always understand what the transaction was. This means that you always have to neutralize an incorrect or faulty invoice with a cancellation invoice . Once this has been done, you can write a new and correct invoice . This in turn gets a completely new invoice number . In the end, this results in three separate invoices with three invoice numbers:

  • incorrect invoice
  • cancellation invoice
  • new bill

That way, you can explain this to every possible tax audit as well. You must archive all three invoices in compliance with GoBD .

Differences in the types of invoices for part-time self-employment

There can be tax differences between a trader, a freelancer without a trade and a part- time self-employed person without a trade . As a freelancer, for example, you don’t pay any trade tax . But there is no difference between a freelancer and a trader in terms of sales tax .

Good to know:

For this reason, there is no general difference between them in terms of invoicing and the types of invoices. Basically, you should always remember that more information is always better on an invoice than if it is too little. As a guide, always use the mandatory information that applies to an invoice.


Not all invoices are the same and, as an entrepreneur, you have to differentiate between different types of invoices. The following types of invoices are available: Despite these different types of invoices, the invoices do not differ in fundamental ways. Like the conventional invoice, each type of invoice must also contain certain mandatory information. In addition, the respective differences between the types of invoice must be observed.

Invoice Types 2