Meaning of Computer Games


The laptop or computer at home isn’t just for work. In their free time, many people like to use the device to relax a little. Then computer games are the right choice. The different games depend on dexterity and skill, but often also on logical thinking. But what are the different types of computer games? Which games are suitable for the youngsters? Answers to the most important questions on this topic can be found on this page.

  • Computer games are a popular pastime for one or more players.
  • Some games have a positive influence on mental and physical fitness.
  • When downloading for free, you should pay attention to the sources, copyrights and potential malware.

Computer games – an overview

Short for CGD by abbreviationfinder, computer games are programs for the home PC that make it possible to participate in an interactive story. These games are aimed at one person or several participants. Computer games are suitable for different age groups depending on the implementation and genre – for teenagers, adults or seniors. You control the games using a controller that is equipped with buttons and sticks for operation. Games are also available that you can play with the keyboard. Strategy games and simulations also often require the use of the mouse. Additional equipment such as steering wheels and – of course, only modeled – weapons can be used as additional peripherals for special games.

What types of computer games are there?

Jump’n’Run games and sports games are the right choice, even for young gamers. Arcade games are based on the classic games on gaming machines. In management games you lead companies, in role plays you take on the role of a certain figure and accompany them on their life path. Shooters are about taking down opponents with gun violence. Simulations play in realistic environments and depict worldly processes – sometimes more, sometimes less complex. A distinction must also be made between online and browser games as well as computer games on the PC. While for the former you are dependent on internet access so that you can get in touch with other players or the games directly in the browser can play, the classic games can be played offline.

Which games are the most popular computer games?

The trends in the field of computer games are constantly changing. Nevertheless, some games are regularly at the top of the game charts. This includes, for example, the football manager. The various Assassin’s Creed parts are also very popular. Other long-running hits are FIFA , Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Not all games are suitable for children. You can select the right games for the youngsters using the age information provided by the entertainment software self-control (USK). However, only the classic games are labeled with this on carrier media; online games do not have this label. The offers from

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The best strategy games for the PC

Strategy games are about creating or developing a civilization or about strategic warfare. You immerse yourself in different worlds – in the past, in the present or in a fictional vision of the future. The goal is to complete a specific mission or to score points on several small missions. Decisive elements are a gripping story, appealing graphics, good menu navigation and interaction with others. Sid Meier’s Civilization, which is constantly being reissued, deals with the development of a civilization; the well-known Game Anno is similar in structure. At Total War, the name says it all: It’s about imperial administration and battles in real time.

Download free PC games

PC games are available for free download in many places on the Internet. However, there are a few things to consider here. So you should make sure that the games are really free – and are not offered illegally. Sometimes malware is hidden in the games of the free downloads, i.e. malware that attacks your computer. These can be viruses, Trojans or spyware. A functioning firewall can provide effective protection here. It is also advisable to carry out software updates promptly. Anti-virus software detects the malware and prevents access to your PC.

What are the advantages of computer games?

The demands that various games place on players promote different skills. Playing on the computer can stimulate creativity. Cognitive skills are trained. Since lightning-fast reactions are sometimes required in the game, attention increases. The games also have a positive influence on tactics and planning skills – especially the popular strategy games, in which strategic action is required on a turn-based basis (one move after the other) or in real time (at the same time). Because many games are in English, the games are a good opportunity for young users to train their foreign language skills. In the case of seniors, computer games can maintain mental and – in the case of rhythm games – physical fitness.