Meaning of Bioinformatics


The Bioinformatics is a discipline that allows applying tools of computer science to the study and management of data in biology. In his field various areas of knowledge interact such as computer science, statistics and chemistry.

The medicine makes use of the information provided by the bioinformatics research to develop and improve prevention efforts, diagnosis and treatment of ailments and diseases. Bioinformatics, in this framework, can be very useful for the analysis of very small scale elements, such as proteins and genes.

The development and application of computational resources for the management of medical or biological data is the axis of bioinformatics. Its purpose is to create the tools that allow to obtain, store, analyze and display this type of data.

It is common for the concept of bioinformatics to be confused with other notions. The computational biology, for example, is focused on the creation of theoretical models and simulation techniques. The biocomputation, meanwhile, aims at producing computers (PCs) having components of biological type or operating as a living being.

A simplified definition indicates that bioinformatics consists of the creation of computer tools to analyze and manage data of interest to biology. Bioinformatics can also be understood as a discipline that uses and processes information to understand biological aspects.

In addition to all the above, we can underline the fact that bioinformatics has three clearly delimited objectives, such as the following:
-Resources and tools that can help data analysis.
-Organize all the information in what are databases or BBDD. In this way, it will be easier for the researcher not only to access it, but also to analyze and work with it in favor of their projects to reach new results and conclusions.
-Use the aforementioned data and resources to analyze them thoroughly and proceed to interpret the results.

The annotation (marking) of genes, the analysis of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequences and the study of gene and protein expression are some of the objects of study of bioinformatics.

It is no less important to know that bioinformatics is used in many ways today. However, there are several applications that are made of the same that are the most interesting and even the most useful. We are referring to the following:
-To proceed with the design of medicines, which will have a very positive impact on human beings who can find a suitable drug for their pathologies.
-To look for similarities between what different molecules are. And that is relevant within the studies that are undertaken on evolution.
-To study in depth and analyze what climate change is. A really important job for humanity and the environment in general. Specifically, this function is one of the most valuable in recent years, due to increased concern about the aforementioned climate change.