Meaning of Binomial


In the sixteenth century was when the creation of this term that concerns us took place, and which is used mainly within the field of Mathematics. At that time, it was shaped by joining two components that came from different languages:
• The prefix “bi-”, which belongs to Latin and can be translated as “two”.
• The word “nomos”, which etymologically comes from the Greek and means “portion or part”.

Binomial is a notion that can be translated as “part” or “portion”. This means that a binomial is made up of two parts.

In everyday language, the set of two personalities that play a relevant role in some area of ​​social, political, artistic life, etc., is usually named as a binomial. For example: “Carlos Gómez Feltri and Eduardo Aristorti form the binomial that has marked the politics of the Central American nation in the last three decades”, “The Spanish binomial became champion of the doubles tournament held in the city of Colonia”, “¿ Do you know any more fun pairing than the one formed by Tom and Jerry? “.

In this sense, we would have to highlight the existence, for example, of the group that came to be called “The golden binomial.” This was started by Israel Romero and Rafael Orozco, he specialized in bachata and he was Colombian. In 1976 was when this musical group was created, which has throughout its career with compositions such as “Say what they say”, “Moments of love” or “La gustadera”.

Within our cultural heritage there are other very important pairs, such as the one formed by the roadrunner and the coyote, Pixie and Dixie, Mickey and Minnie, the one made up of the Curie couple, the singers Romina and Albano…

For mathematics, a binomial is an algebraic expression made up of two terms. This means that any expression formed by adding or subtracting two terms is a binomial, which can also be known as a polynomial (that is, more than one monomial).

By adding the different exponents of each algebraic term, it is possible to arrive at the degree of the binomial. You need to add the exponents of both terms and then add the two totals to find the degree of the expression.

Also, do not overlook what is known as Newton’s binomial. It is a formula that is used with the clear purpose of finding out the powers of a binomial. As its name suggests, it was created by the English physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton. In order to carry it out, it is necessary to have various elements such as the real number or the exponent.

The binomial theorem, on the other hand, is the result of the expansion of the power of a sum. Another concept linked to the binomial is the idea of conjugated binomials, which are those that differ only by the sign of the operation. It is possible to multiply conjugate binomials by squaring the monomials and subtracting them.