Meaning of Binary


Binary, from the Latin binarĭus, is something made up of a pair of components or units. It is possible, therefore, to apply this adjective to various concepts.

Specifically, we can specify a little more the etymological origin of the word binary, stating that it is made up of two clearly differentiated Latin parts: the word bini which is equivalent to “two by two” and the suffix – Aryan which can be translated as “ relative to”.

The binary system is one that numbers using only zeros (0) and ones (1). This means that, in the framework of these systems, any figure can be expressed from these numbers. This system is used by computers or computers, which work with a couple of different voltages and which attribute 0 to off and 1 to on.

It should be noted that all numbers in the decimal system can be converted to the binary system. It is necessary to divide the number of the decimal system by 2, obtaining an integer result that will be divided again by 2 successively until the dividend is less than the divisor (that is, 2). Finally you have to sort the remains, starting with the last and ending with the first.

In this sense we have to highlight the existence of what is known as binary converters. What they are in charge of is converting the binary number that we give it into its corresponding from the decimal or hexadecimal point of view. Thus, for example, if we set the number 10 as binary, it will give us 2 as both decimal and hexadecimal.

It is known as binary code, on the other hand, the system of command processors of a computer that uses the binary system. Binary code allows you to encode strings of characters or strings of bits.

The binary file, therefore, is the digital document whose data is encoded in binary code so that it can be processed by a computer. A digital video, photograph, or executable file that contains software are binary files.

And all this without forgetting that we also find what is called a binary tree. This term is used in the field of computing to define that data structure in which any of the nodes or elements that compose it usually have two “children”, although there may also be those that do not have any.

There are several types of binary trees that exist: the full binary tree, the perfect binary tree, the complete binary tree…

Outside of computer science, the concept of binary also has several uses. The binary star is that stellar system formed by a pair of stars that mutually orbit around a common center of mass. The binary measure, for its part, is a two-beat musical measure.