Meaning of Big Bang

Big Bang

It is known as big bang to a huge outbreak, according to a scientific theory, marked the origin of the universe. This theory indicates that the universe originated 13.8 billion years ago, expanding thanks to the explosion in question.

According to the theory, after the expansion the universe began to cool down and thus took place the formation of the first subatomic particles and, later, of atoms. Gravity made these elements come together for the development of stars and galaxies.

The big bang is linked to the notion of cosmic expansion. In 1927, Georges LemaƮtre warned that if the universe is continually expanding, there must have been a single point of origin in the past. That origin would be the bing bang. The increasing separation of the galaxies that Edwin Hubble discovered in 1929 also served to support this hypothesis.

Scientists such as Roger Penrose, George FR Ellis and Stephen Hawking, on the other hand, started from the theory of general relativity postulated by Albert Einstein and added notions related to space and time. These measurements allowed them to infer that time and space had a beginning that was finite and that it corresponds to the origin of energy and matter.

The current bing bang theory, in short, combines the principles of the theory of general relativity with various observations on the position changes of galaxies, allowing the conditions of the universe in time to be extrapolated.

Following the precepts of the bing bang, scientists have discovered that the universe is currently expanding faster. This could be due to so-called dark energy.

This last concept refers to the form of energy found in outer space that tends to exert a certain repulsive pressure, in the opposite way to what the force of gravity does. This should not be confused with dark matter, which does not emit enough electromagnetic radiation so that scientists can detect it with current devices, although they can deduce its existence by observing certain factors and related phenomena, such as the effect it causes. in the light as it deflects her from her path.

Through the application of the physical laws that humans know of nature, it is possible to carry out a large number of complex calculations and investigations that allow us to know the characteristics of the universe millions of years ago, and some of the results obtained in the last decades they point out that the temperature and density of the beginnings were considerably high.

In the field of television entertainment there is a comedy called The theory of the big bang, whose original name in English is The Big Bang Theory. It is a North American series released in 2007 by the CBS network, with the production in charge of Warner Bros and Chuck Lorre. Broadly speaking, history shows us the day-to-day life of a group of friends made up mainly of scientists from different specializations, and their contact with “the outside world” through a neighbor who does not share their tastes or knowledge at all.

The series The Big Bang Theory presents a peculiar look at the typical problems of people who live on the margins of society due to having interests considered “unusual”, which in this case focus on science. Despite having well defined the vocations of the characters, the script is broad enough so that anyone with adaptation problems can feel identified and find a refuge in that group of friends without equal.

Big Bang