Meaning of Andropause


The DigoPaul defines andropause as the climacteric of men. It should be remembered that the climacteric is the vital stage in which the reproductive capacity comes to an end.

It must be established that this term, andropause, has its etymological origin in the Greek. Specifically, we can determine that it is the result of the sum of the following elements:
-The noun “andros”, which means “man”.
-The word “pausis”, which can be translated as “cessation” or “pause”.
-The suffix “-ia”, which is used to indicate “quality”.

Andropause, therefore, it involves the reduction of sexual abilities of a male individual. When a man reaches andropause, he suffers from organic deficiencies that make it difficult for him to have offspring. It is an instance analogous to women’s menopause.

The drop in the level of testosterone and the deficiencies of the receptors for this hormone produced by the testicles are two of the consequences of andropause. This leads to the subject losing sexual potency.

The man, however, is able to have children whenever continue to produce sperm. The woman, on the other hand, presents greater difficulties with menopause since her sexual activity is linked to regular periods. This means that a man over 70 years of age is in a position to have children, while a woman of the same age generally cannot get pregnant.

To the fall of sexual potency, other issues are added such as a reduction in libido and a lower level of ejaculation. Beyond the sexual plane, andropause is also associated with increased anxiety, a state of irritability and even depression.

Dry skin and hair, headache, and increased sweating are also symptoms of andropause.

In the same way, we cannot forget another series of symptoms that indicate that a man is in the phase of andropause:
-It shows constant signs of fatigue or tiredness.
-Significantly decreases your ability to have an erection.
-It may produce an increase in your weight.
-Many men, in addition, present as a symptom the one that is usually much more nervous.
-At bone level, a remarkable deterioration can take place.
-There is an increase in the risks of having some type of heart-related disease.

Blood circulation problems and even times when they feel very hot on the face are other signs that indicate that a man is facing andropause.

Without forgetting that for many men what also happens to them is that they proceed to make transcendental decisions in their lives. Yes, they bet on changing jobs, cities and even partners. They consider that the time has come to turn their existence around and to start a new path, a new stage.