We started this weekly review to the iOS world with the newly released iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak, as well as Recalling the advantages and disadvantages of an iPhone with 4 inch screen. Polamatic, Polaroid attempts to regain the throne “stolen” by Instagram and we talked about the race of innovation in smartphones. If you travel to London soon, I recommended three applications, as well as three managers of tasks to different types of users.

IKEA aims to truck applications with a useful app on their products, and we analyzed the Medisana Thermodock, a clinical thermometer for iOS. All ask them how to get a free iPad, you gave this advice: buy you a Cadillac XTS and they will give away it to you, that for great game as N.O.V.A. 3 will come I wonder. With MyTV 2GO-m will have DTT on your iOS device and with KillerKeys, you can control different applications.

As we know that you now travel more, I showed them TomTom radar, our ten best apps for iOS for lovers of photography, a translation app and a curious facial recognition for iOS named KLIK app. We also analyzed the Logitech Air Speaker, AirPlay compatible speakers, and we strolled with statements about the new maps application in the future iOS 6 “will leave you speechless”. We turn to read in seven days, enjoy the weekend!