Apple has always considered that the design has an intrinsic relationship with running each of the devices. Nevertheless, joining the large number of rumors that already circulating on various gossip about the possible date of the sixth generation of smartphone of Cupertino, new versions of concepts for the device you are used to, not only give free rein to the imagination, they are also showcase the skills of some designers that take advantage of pull to jump to the fore.

The most striking of this design is faithfully reflected in the feature back of the fictional device, where the objective of the camera with LED flash charge special protagonism, accompanied by the everlasting logo, replacing the usual polished chrome for a bite Apple back-lit.

Escaping entirely on the designs strongly planes, rectangles with rounded corners, Frederico Ciccarese designer seems to have been inspired by the shape of the Magic Mouse from Apple House to present a mockup which presents a winding back curved front of a completely flat surface.

Something that combines a most oval design line that, in a way, recalls one of the Android devices of last generation.

We can not ignore the recovery of the rear metal, which embraces the contours of the device in its entirety and that seems to be replaced by antenna, while He moved the power button and the connection for headphones to one of its sides, instead of the usual position in the top frame.

Of course, this is just a mere sketch that reflects, in a sense, the wettest dreams of some faithful fans of the brand. However, there would be that consider what kind of concessions would have to make the device to be able to adhere to this approach design.

As was the case with the existing iPhone 4S until the time of his presentation last October, rivers of ink will be spilled on leakage of specifications, possible dates of appearance or crazy designs.

But the truth is that, following the cycle already “ established ” with the iPhone 3G and 3GS, a review of the appearance of the smartphone is necessary in order to arouse the interest of the masses. Although, on the other hand and at this point, talk of “ cycles ” in Apple, may be some of the most puzzling today.

Some of the digital media that have also echoed this possible design have come to recommend, in a clear and successful comic tone, do not leave the phone with mouth down near a computer screen in the event that the future iPhone 5 should take this form … for what could happen.