E-sports is getting bigger and bigger, and it’s already huge in Asia, and now will be HTC sponsor for some great teams.

HTC comes originally from Taiwan, and perhaps it is instrumental, that HTC now sponsoring some of the largest e-sports team right now. It is the Cloud9, Team Liquid and Team SoloMid, who will in future benefit from the help of HTC, but sponsoraterne can be a sign of something bigger.

It is certainly not uncommon, that tech companies sponsoring e-sport, but it is primarily companies that has a direct connection to gaming. For example, Asus and Alienware, both of which are behind gamercomputere, but HTC stand out slightly, because the connection is not so direct.

The Taiwanese company are beginning to warm up for an exciting year, which started with RE-camera late last year. Later, HTC also announced a collaboration with Under Armour, and HTC-Chief Drew Bamford has talked about a brand new product that will come in 2015.

The Verge has talked with sources that indicate that these sponsorships are directly associated with the new product, HTC will launch this year. However, there is not yet any detailed out about what it is for a product.

The three teams that now get HTC associated as a sponsor a wide range of e-sports, and members can be found in a wide variety of games such as Dota 2, Counter Strike and League of Legends.