H & M, the Official Uniform of the Coachella

On Monday I did a post about my disappointment at seeing so many looks so alike in Coachella. Behold, yesterday, walking around town, I come across the window of H & M with the call to the “official Coachella collection”. Went into the store and what was my surprise when I come across: felt hats, Leis, kimonos of fringes, fringes blouses, fringe boots, fringe dresses and all the other things that you can do with fringes. All in a corner store determined. All close, combinadinho already, so I don’t have to think about.

Before posting, I decided to enter the site to view the entire collection, understand what was pro back and not talking nonsense.

And I came across this text here.

H & M, the Official Uniform of the Coachella


“H & M and the Coachella team gathered to draw in partnership the official collection that will inspire you in preparation of the festival season. The collection combines the freedom and energy of “festival-style” for both men to women. Choose between bold prints, bold colors, fringes (of course) and jeans, or a more romantic footprint by choosing among the best this summer boho accessories – all perfect for a weekend of music, fashion and friendship. “

H & M, the Official Uniform of the Coachella 3

Here, a little bit of the collection for you to see.

There’s more on their site, here.

The collection features cool elements I’d buy, but, generally, it depicts a fashion festival so, so, so cliché, that of man, give me goat. Other than that, tying it with the label “official uniform Coachella” seems a bit pretentious.

H & M, the Official Uniform of the Coachella 2

I super understand commercial appeal that it has, the Understander idea behind the partnership. But a store as large as H & M, with so many choices of styles, according to fashionconfidentials.com, could have approached the whole thing in a different way. Rather than have put everyone on the same box, why not encourage creativity? Why not encourage people to leave the obvious? Why not take a piece that no one would ever use in a festival and encourage everyone to give a new face to her? Like a shirt. Or a tie. Or a vest of tailoring.

H & M, the Official Uniform of the Coachella 1

Just wondering these things, the head travels in looks fun and unusual. And no bangs.

This post is just a bubble at all. And a plea for help marks more thinking and not just consume.