In response to statements Horacio Gutiérrez, one of the owners of the intellectual property in Microsoft, Google I also wanted to say publicly what he thinks about pressure that you are performing with makers choosing Android.

Tim Porter, legal counsel of Google and in charge of the issue of patents, said in The San Francisco Chronicle that the main problem with Microsoft is that your operating system is not running them, and they have to find ways to enter:

This is a tactic that Microsoft has already used in the past, with Linux. When their products do not translate into success in the market, and are located in the second line, as is the case with Android, they pull from the huge list of patents that have to his credit.

If Android is the world leader in the market, it is normal to be the center of attention, and step from patent attack. Oracle, Apple and Microsoft they are the main protagonists against Google, with a difference, the first has soared against the company in the search engine, while the other two, against the manufacturers of Android products.

For Tim the current patent system is broken, and it is only doing that everyone involved lost time and resources:

For many years the patents have been being created very concretely, with the sole intention of hindering innovation or receive income with products of third-party success.

But Porter does not like the system, create logical Google to quit shopping at IBM and other companies to strengthen their intellectual property, and thus be able to defend its interests and those of its partners.