Google Drive, Documents, Leaves Spreadsheets and Presentations Are Redesigned with Material Design and More

Note that Android 5.0 (Lollipop) is just around the corner, Google not to redesign their applications to the new interface to Material Design, especially in today, since there are several applications as Google Drive and your office suite.

A redesigned and of Google Drive, documents, spreadsheets and presentations they will begin to reach its users with Visual changes in its navigation, actions, best animations bars bars from today and by adding the following new functionalities:

  • Enhanced search: With the new version of Google Drive, documents, spreadsheets and presentations, it is easier to find files. Now as we write will appear the results in his view grid, showing the folders first and then the most recent files.
  • Option to share improved: Now when we share a file or folder we can add a message so that it appears in the email that will reach the selected contacts. The option to share link also receive improvements, now selected is the link automatically copied to the Clipboard, allows us to decide if users who have access can edit, comment or just watch, and allows us to disable your links so no one can see the files.
  • Enhanced PDF Viewer: In the new Viewer you can search, select text and copy it into PDF documents, with what now we won’t have to resort to other viewers for this.
  • New section inbound: In this new section of the side navigation bar we will see all the files and documents that have shared with us.
  • Make a copy: Now in the same way that we can create a copy of your documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the web version. To access this new option we have to open the file to edit it, go to Menu > share and export > make a copy.

Google play :

  • Google Drive (mirror)
  • Google documents (mirror)
  • Spreadsheets from Google (mirror)
  • Google presentations (mirror)