There are gadgets that constantly there is always debate and rumors around. One of these is the iPhone and it is that the size of the screen has managed to touch these two fields. The first if the dimensions of this are beginning to be small and the second by the popularity of the terminal. It is normal that there is always rumors about the future model of Apple’s phone, although sometimes there are people who spend fantasizing with possibilities.

The case, while there are still a few months so that the Cupertino company presented its new smartphone there is a rumour on the table that is beginning to have more and more presence: the increase in size on the screen. According to information from The Wall Street Journal, corroborated by Reuters, the next iPhone will debut four inches.

According to both media, Apple already has all ready for that three manufacturers begin manufacture of screens of that size. Already a few weeks ago, a Korean media also talked about this possibility. The reasons behind this decision are unknown, there are those who are running it is by the pressure of competition, Samsung for over one year already bet by this size and do not want to be outdone.

For others it is a simple transition and innovation on the iPhone. At the moment, I insist, they are nothing more than rumours and according to approaching the date of their presentation we will be receiving more information in this regard, as happened in their day with the iPad and the screen resolution Retina Display. That Yes, I’d like to take the topic to ask you: do you think that Apple needs to increase the size of your screen?