The Fair Labor Association (Association for a job fair) has concluded its investigation concerning the conditions of the Chinese manufacturer Foxconn factories and how could foresee, they have found significant problems, Despite the fact that the described scenario is far from hell full of tyranny that many expected.

So FLA, after identifying several issues (that detail after the jump), has decided propose a number of solutions for each of them, Although these should be monitored by the Chinese authorities, which so far have allowed that the Taiwan-based company have jumped several Chinese laws regarding the working conditions of their workers.

The researchers visited three of the factories which have Foxconn in China for more than one month, interviewing some 35,000 workers (a small fraction of the total, amounting to 1.2 million employees), but sufficient to identify all these failures and problems, which we shall discuss below.

Too much work

The average weekly hours that an employee is very above the legal limits in almost all departments of Foxconn, having employees constantly working by shifts 7 days followed each week (Chinese laws require a day’s rest per week worked).

Foxconn has already announced that they will increase the template and that, in a year, no worker will exceed the 49 hours a week, while maintaining the same salary.


Workers feel unsafe. Explosions or poisoning by chemical products are one of the biggest fears of employees.

Foxconn has pledged to report all injuries that occur in the company, to take measures.

Trade unions

Trade unions they are not representative and are dedicated to obey what the bosses dictating them.

Foxconn has agreed to initiate a process of elections and an information campaign explaining what is a Union new workers.


These workers often have more than 8 hours night shift followed for more than 5 days a week.

Foxconn has promised eliminate the practice.


The company’s policy dictates that every 30 minutes extra worked paid overtime. In 86% of cases employees are sent home a minute until the last half-hour increase be made, so they do not charge for the last half hour worked.

From Foxconn say that now I accounted for 15 minute intervals.


99% of the workers in Foxconn are immigrants in China and your insurance only covers them within the province in which they work, so when they return home during the new year holidays, they cease to be insured.

Foxconn says it will soon offer private insurance.

Research has focused on the sections which Foxconn produces products for Apple, but we hope that all of these suggestions are applied more generally.