FÁTima Bernardes – Pearls In The Encuentro Program

Fátima Bernardes – Pearls in the Encuentro Program

The program Encontros com Fátima Bernardes has already completed two years in the air, with great success, for the majority and dislike of some.

Pearls In The Encuentro Program 1

The presenter Fátima Bernardes has been working in a relaxed, informal way, very different from Fátima that we knew in Jornal Nacional.

In the Encounter program, Fatima has paraded with young and cheerful models, has danced playfully, sung even during the presentations and subjects addressed in the two years of the program.

On September 17, 2014, Fatima Bernardes turned 52 years old, beautiful, elegant, not seeming to age, although still young.

But what we are going to show here now is some of the pearls that the presenter of the Encounter with Fatima has missed on the merry and hot mornings from Monday to Friday on the global show.

Fátima Bernardes, besides her talent in front of the television cameras, has entertained many people with her distraction, check below.

Pearls In The Encuentro Program

Pearl Of Fatima Bernardes In The Meeting

– To begin with, we have the phrase that symbolizes the gafes of the presenter, said by herself,”let’s go to music before I miss anything else”.

– A super funny moment was a tragic event with a happy ending that was shown in the Encounter program, where father and son took a “selfie” while drifting on the Tapajós river in Pará after a shipwreck. It was five o’clock the waiting for help and Fátima Bernardes, moved by the fact, and in the presence of the victims released “It is a long time. Hunger, thirst, right?”

Alone awkwardly, the one involved in the incident, smiled and said: “Thirst, no. It was in the water.”

Quickly Fatima justified herself: “Oh, it was not sea. It was fresh water.” All right, this one goes away!

– In another moment, showing her lack of knowledge regarding the novels, Fátima Bernardes says “Cara e Coroa” instead of Faces and Bocas  in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo. To agree, he released the already known phrase”Let’s play music before I miss anything else”. Yeah, that’s better!

Pearls In The Encuentro Program 3

– Another funny fact was in relation to TV Globo programming, that Fátima Bernardes confused the Hot Screen Afternoon Session, saying-“today, after the Video Show you will watch the Hot Screen with Chico Xavier… that’s it? Oh no. Afternoon session. Hot Screen is at night.”

– When announcing the band that was performing in the program that day, Fátima Bernardes almost finishing the program says “we’re going to finish with Black Panties singing to us … Sorry! Black panties”.

On the occasion of the World Cup , Fatima mentioned the fact that Chilean fans traveled by car from Chile to Rio de Janeiro and placed Goiás in Minas Gerais.

– A fake letter from Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie, read by Fatima Bernardes on one of her programs, which after recognizing the gaffe, stated the other day that-“Folks, the letter was not written by Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie. In fact, nowadays, on the internet, many things are shared millions of times and we find it hard to prove the truth. Luis Fernando Veríssimo, Jô Soares, Arnaldo Jabor, Pedro Bial have already gone through this. Now I”. The tactic of sharing the guilt to stay less ugly, who ever?