Everything You Need To Know About The Multidrink Of Nalgene Bottle

Today we want to talk to you about one of our most famous bottles of water. The Multidrink is a single bottle for many reasons, and we’re going to tell all.

How Is A Bottle Multidrink

Bottle Multidrink It is special and many surprises for its owner. On the one hand, we have a capacity medium and perfect for any occasion. A bottle with 600 ml capacity, which can carry more than a pint over at a bottle of very tight dimensions. Come on, that you will hardly notice that you take it with you. It is suitable for microwave and dishwasher, free of odors as the range of Nalgene bottles and fully transparent, so you can see the water that you have. Let us not forget the official gauge of Nalgene, a perfect way to control how much water to drink per day, and a great way to motivate yourself to live a more healthy life.

And, of course, we cannot forget the complete range of colors of theMultidrink of Nalgene Bottle for all tastes: green, red, purple, grey, blue or transparent, surely you will find waiting for your favorite bottle.

Three Distinct Forms Of Drinking Your Bottle Multidrink

But go to the key, which makes the Multidrink into a single bottle and inimitable: his Cap. The bottle CAP is not any one, is a great engineering design that allows us to enjoy our bottle in three different ways:

Narrow Mouth

The most visible is the narrow mouth bottle, with the CAP securely tied so that does not escape you. In addition, the plastic between the CAP and the bottle can be used as a handle to carry the bottle with you or hang it from somewhere.

Wide Mouth

Simply remove all the CAP to enjoy a wide-mouth Nalgene Bottle . You can enter ice, pieces of fruit and drink that you like the most comfortably.


For small SIPs every day, the more surprising is the cannula, which you can hide when not in use and so your bottle do not spill even a drop of water.

The Benefits Of Nalgene Bottles

All water bottles Nalgene share profits: they are BPA-free, are extremely resistant and offer a wide variety of colors and are suitable for all the family and all ages (including pets!). Today we wanted to get a little more bottle Multidrink so that you know it and see it may be the best companion in an adventure, at work or at home. But always keeping you fully hydrated.