DUO Overview


The etymological origin of dupla is found in the Latin word duplus. The concept is used to name that formed by two members or that houses twice a certain amount.

For example: “The forward duo of the local team was lethal throughout the tournament: both players combined to score twenty-five goals”, “The police arrested a duo of criminals who operated in the downtown”, “The Brazilian duo consecrated in the Beach Volleyball World Championship”.

According to abbreviationfinder, the notion of dupla refers to a group of two people, united by a labor, social or other type of bond. Other terms, such as couple, duo or double, can be similar in certain contexts.

Batman and Robin, for example, form one of the most famous duos in the superhero universe. Batman first appeared in a 1939 magazine. The following year the figure of Robin emerged, who became his ally in many adventures. This duo starred in comics, TV series, movies and video games.

In the case of Captain Tsubasa, a Japanese cartoon that was also adapted into several cartoon series and movies known in the West under the names The Champions and Oliver and Benji, among others, we have another duo: Tsubasa Ozora and Misaki Taro, whose names were changed to Oliver and Tom, respectively, for the Spanish versions. It is about two children with exceptional talents for soccer, who since they start playing together coordinate in a way that is difficult to explain, as if each one knew what the other is thinking at every moment of the game.

In the cinema, there are also numerous examples of duos, both characters and actors and actresses who managed to merge in such a way that it is impossible to imagine them separately. We can see this in Thelma and Louise, one of the most celebrated films of the early 1990s. It is the story of two fugitive women whose friendship helps them escape from their oppressive lives. Although the public often refers to this title as one of the many ” Ridley Scott movies “, it is important to note that the story was conceived and written by the screenwriter and also film director Callie Khouri.

If we are looking for a pair of actors whose collaboration became as mythical as the play they performed, we cannot overlook Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, the two protagonists of the series The X-Files, whose original projection consists of two hundred and two episodes. Although it is believed that her personal relationship was not so good, some claim that the problem had nothing to do with her character but with the fact that he charged more than her, an unfair difference due to machismo.

In the field of sport, it is common to speak of a duo when two players from the same team understand each other perfectly on the field of play and achieve important achievements, leading the team. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, to cite one case, formed a duo that made basketball history. Playing together on the Chicago Bulls, they became NBA champions six times. Another emblematic duo in the NBA was that formed by John Stockton and Karl Malone in the Utah Jazz. Despite not getting any ring, the duo shone for eighteen seasons.

In any case, a duo cannot be formed by force, but occurs spontaneously. Each party discovers to their surprise that by being with the other they can tap into their potential on a level that was previously out of their reach.