H & M collaborations are always commented until you reach fatigue. After Viktor & Rolf, Lanvin, Versace or Marni is the turn of another of the big names in the industry, one of the usual, which they have as the name Maison because it is a title that has earned. Welcome Maison Martin Margiela for H & M!

The collection goes on sale the next November 15 as always in selected shops and has been presented formally with a major event in New York that has brought together the most chic city to support this release.

Even so, I feel that it is a collaboration that will not succeed. Maybe I’m wrong but later you argument why. Would you like to see how the total looks carry the famous? do you think that it will be a success in sales? Attentive!

The Swedish giant is also giant celebrations

In marketing and advertising campaigns we all know that they do not skimp on the brand and, but look at the from Lana del Rey. When it comes to celebrating something neither and New York It always becomes stage for this type of presentation. As it did with Versace, has mounted a big party so everyone know very little missing to have the capsule collection in stores.

The famous Maison Martin Margiela dress for H & M

All dressed in the garments of the collaboration. The young man Chace Crawford It is decided by an almost completely black with a three-piece black suit. Kanye West he risked more with this coat in camel and in a similar tone, though it appeared lighter Alam Cunning with a costume of long ankle and with a structure in the jacket that I liked enough.

Why not will it succeed the collection?

Do not think, nor much less, that this post is an incendiary article against the clothes. This is done from the simple study of the market and appreciating what both brands offer and its audience. I don’t know if we will agree but I believe that it will not succeed because:

1.- Maison Martin Margiela It is a brand that in his field, and within this great industry, is addressed to a minority public. Enormously shocked me this desire to want to extrapolate it to the mass buying of H & M.

2.- The total looks they have released has done a disservice to the good image. Confused, with garments little wearable, outfits quite neglected and with a serious problem of empathize with the public. What age range is it directed? What kind of guys have to put that?

3.- Aesthetics, minimal While with eccentric and incomprehensible twist, causing a dispute in the buyer. Versace for H & M collection was sold because there was anything like in the lowcost. Buy me a jacket with the quality of H & M but signed by Maison Martin Margiela is something that cost me.

4.- No doubt we are going to stop the issue of price. You are at that point in cost average for a medium-low quality that the mass buying of H & M will not understand. If Clip same-store jeans and almost equal will have a margin of price of between 30 – €50 just because one has the label of collaboration, not we get profitable & #8230;

5.- Finally, while collaborations like Lanvin and Versace were very dream because almost everyone, due to its commercial nature, know them, to be a more minority brand (although large for those who we understand or appreciate fashion) It will not arrive in the same way to a broader sector because they will not recognize.

Even so, it will have to wait a day November 15 and find out if the store shelves are desolate as in other occasions or however, we acquire something for sales … what do you think of arguments? Do you have signed any garment in particular?