Disney Eliminates Games Star Wars: Assault Team and Tiny Death Star of Google Play

Perplexed, we learned that Disney It has withdrawn from Google Play and App Store two of their games based on the Star Wars saga. They have deleted Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, the game from Nimblebit launched last year that allowed us to build and manage our death star, and Star Wars: Assault Team, the collectible card game released six months ago.

Both games have been eliminated by surprise, the own Nimblebit was not aware of the withdrawal of his game, Disney not made contact with them, so are very frustrated. What’s more, Nimblebit has said that if a developer is seeking to partner with Disney that this may not be the desired Association.

So it seems Disney deleted Star Wars: Assault Team and Tiny Death Star to focus on Star Wars: Commander, his particular clone of Clans Clash set in the universe of Star Wars released a couple of weeks for mobile devices.

If at the time download Star Wars: Assault Team y Tiny Death Star they continue to appear we download to be associated in our account. Conversely, new users may not already download Google Play games. Assault Team tell us that he didn’t find it and Tiny Death Star will tell us that it is not available in our country.

Can’t understand because to promote the new game Star Wars: Commander they have decided to remove the other two sets of Star Wars that Disney had above all because the three games were totally different, different gameplay, different gender and certainly for different public. We will watch to see if Disney returns to publish these games, which currently only available for Windows Phone, although it is expected that also removed.