Outside temperature is low, and, after a long day of work, you relax immersed in a hot tub with warm water to 36° c. He felt the protagonist Rico of a novel? But that could happen in your House.

First of all, it is worth explaining the difference between tub and hot tub. The first item is focused on personal hygiene, so your water is changed every use. The second equipment is intended to be used for relaxation, explain the architects Celina Galioto Furlan and Carla Todescato.

Hot tub means bath in Japanese, but in family rituals of the Asian country assume a function different from that equipment has in Western Nations. Are used, then, to immersion baths, in which the occupant is seated and has water up to shoulder height. Can be used by more than one person at the same time and do not have the water changed every use, once the bath is taken before the rite of rest.

Another feature of the hot tub is the water temperature, highest: in General, between 36° C and 40° c. The bath, on the other hand, allows you to install accessories such as Chromotherapy (lights that change color) and whirlpool. Bubble baths and salts can be taken into both devices.

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How to choose? “The first step is to define the purpose of the user: if it’s only for relaxing baths, hot tub is great; If the goal is also to personal hygiene, the indicated is the bathtub “, summarize the pros.

The tub should preferably be installed in a location distinct from the shower, but if space is restricted, you can use the two features in the same location. Speaking of compact environments, the architects punctuate that, currently, the factories have developed smaller models.

The size of the bathtub or hot tub will depend on first square area available-is in the bathroom, in the loft, in the bathroom, in the fitness area or in the bedroom, some of which allow the installation of the equipment. It is necessary to take into account, for example, that other facilities have free access environment. So, if there is a toilet, it should be an area of at least 15 cm at the sides and 40 cm at the front until the bath or hot tub. In addition, the size of the “VAT” must be ergonomic, i.e. be able to behave to comfort the body that will be immersed in it.

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And you have to take into account the desire of the occupant. “There are people who have a lot of area available but want a hot tub small, while other clients have a smaller place but dream of a big tub”, exemplify Celina and Carla. To assist in sizing, uniting the customer needs and the possibilities of the environment, they suggest a professional.

A specialist will also help the resident to choose the material of manufacture of the equipment. “The baths can be found in fiberglass, acrylic, dishes and Quarrycast [composed of volcanic rocks and resin], or can be of masonry coated with rubberized film”, the architects are listed below. The hot tubs are usually made of wood, but are also available in synthetic materials.

According to the professionals, there is no rule to combine the material with the style. “It is possible to have a modern design and combine it with a wooden hot tub”, illustrate. What is necessary is to relate the visual of the bath with the other decor elements, such as handles, towel pillow & bed sheet and records, for example, in addition to wall cladding – give more classic air tiles while porcelain tile and granite give contemporaneity-and real estate, among others. “Maintaining the balance between the different styles is the key to a good aesthetic effect”, point out.

In addition, remember Celina and Carla, the budget also weighs client availability in this choice, since different materials have different prices. Chromotherapy, hydromassage and pillows for the head are among the items that also aggregate quality-and cost-to the project.

Speaking of values, they advise that if you think about the installation of the bathtub or hot tub as soon as possible, because it is cheaper to provide for the equipment in the project of the House (before she was built) than reform a room to receive the VAT. With regard to the preparation, the area needs to have, among other items, a slab that supports the weight concentrated (the water added to the person inside of the hot tub or bathtub) and plumbing supply and of water seepage, listed below.

In terms of maintenance, the hot tub may be cleaned with a sponge, “when the surface is slippery or dry impurities in it”. When is made of wood, it is still, sand it to remove “hair” microscopic. The tub is cleaned in the same way as other bathroom utensils, with neutral products. “To keep her mirror, a tip is a liquid wax periodically”, suggest.