Deformation Overview


The Latin word deformatio came to our language as deformation. It is about the process and the consequence of deforming : making something stop having its natural or habitual form.

For example: “Telephony and social networks have caused a deformation of the language”, “To avoid deformation in the fetus’s spine, the mother must consume folic acid”, “The fire caused the deformation of the iron structure “.

In some cases, the deformation is a physical phenomenon. A body can change shape or size when forces are applied to it. These deformations can be permanent or reversible.

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A permanent deformation occurs when, once the load is removed, the body does not return to its original shape. This happens if a car hits a column and its body is dented. In reversible deformation, on the other hand, the body returns to its original state when the force that has deformed it is no longer applied: we can take an elastic band with our hands and stretch it but, when we release it, it will return to its previous shape.

Deformation can also be symbolic or abstract. There is talk of professional deformation when a person tends to observe reality according to the perspective of her profession. Faced with an increase in the unemployment rate, to cite one case, an economist can focus on statistics, while a psychologist can emphasize the personal drama suffered by someone who has lost their job.

This phenomenon is very common, especially among people who are very passionate about their work or vocation, and it can be funny if it occurs outside their professional field. For it to be appreciated more clearly, it is necessary for the individual to be surrounded by people who do not share his knowledge or interests, so that his comments seem even more unexpected and out of place.

The concept arises from the idea that the professional has suffered a distortion in the way he sees the world, due to the training he received to reach his current employment situation. In this case we must take into account both the formal and the individual study, in addition to the training offered by the companies for which he has worked.

Of course, the conversations we have every working day with our co-workers do not help us move away from professional deformation, since among specialists in the same field they tend to use jargon, or refer to very specific concepts out of context.

Language distortion, on the other hand, refers to a change in the code used to communicate. This alteration can be produced, among other factors, by technology : a person who communicates by means of text messages ( SMS ) with his phone can write expressions such as “Thank you for what you have done” (instead of “Thank you for what you have done”). you’ve done” ) or “T see you + late” (for “I’ll see you later” ).

Older people often criticize the way young people speak and write, accusing them of using almost incomprehensible language and making all kinds of mistakes, such as spelling and grammar. Although it is an almost natural part of our development to follow different paths than our ancestors, and this includes the imposition of new fashions, the distortion of language is a serious and absolutely unjustifiable problem.

The irrefutable proof that we are facing a harmful phenomenon is that it prevents communication both to those who cause it and to those who must endure it. In addition to the use of abbreviations when writing text messages, the deformation of the language in Spanish is characterized by the excessive adoption of anglicisms.